Dr. Hai Deng
Professor, Fudan University

Dr. Deng Hai is a well known industrial expert in lithographic materials. He currently serves as a full professor in the Polymer Department of Fudan University. He graduated from ZhongShan University in 1988, and obtained his MS degree in Kyoto University in 1992. He gained his Doctoral degree from Tokyo Institute of Technology in 1995. After his postdoc in U Akron and then UC Berkeley, he joined Rohm Hass under “Technical Leadership Rotation Program” in 1998. Before joining Fudan, he has been working in Litho patterning industry for more than 15 years as TOK fellow and 13 year Intel litho expert. He involved in the litho patterning industry development from 130 nm to 32 nm node and beyond. He published more than 30 technical papers including EUV in top journals and invented 10 US patents. Previous research achievement of “Metallocene catalyzed isotactic polymerization of MMA…” was collected in polymer text book “Principle of Polymerization”. Current research interests mainly focus on next generation lithographic materials, especially the fast DSA.