Dr. Ning Cheng
Intel, USA

Dr. Ning Cheng, Intel Principal Engineer, Technologist, advanced FPGA products.

Ning has led Intel FPGA technology team co-developed 10nm SOC process with Intel technology center and foundry tailoring for FPGA products including XEON+FPGA synergy products. Since joining Altera 2008, Ning has driven advanced FPGA technology definition, co-development, evaluation, competition study and custom feature negotiation, product development, reliability assessment and yield ramp up through close collaboration with foundries, design & product engineering. Ning managed Altera R&D with IMEC in 2013-14 has built and strengthened successful collaboration that benefited FPGA products.

From 2001 to 2008 Ning worked at AMD/Spansion on developing flash memory product for 4 generations. She was in charge of 45nm node Silicon process technology development and successfully delivered 1st Si. She is the lead inventor of patents that laid the foundation for 45nm flash technology.

Ning received her PhD from UC Berkeley in 2001. She won MRS gold award (2001), EMB award (2008). She has served in professional committees including Electronic Materials Symposium (2006-), CSTIC (2016-). Panelist IEDM (2016), Intel WPEFF Tech sym. (2016), Keynote speaker CSTIC (2016); Invited tutorial ATS conf(2014).

Ning holds 52 issued US patents and 12 pending patents.