Dr. Baozhen Li
IBM System and Technology Group, USA

Baozhen Li is a Senior Technical Staff Member (STSM) at IBM Microelectronics in the Systems and Technology Group. He has been working on semiconductor technology reliability since 1998, with the focus on advanced interconnects and low K dielectric development. He served as team leaders for IBM and its alliance technology qualifications for 90nm, 65nm and 32nm technology nodes. Currently he is working on the 14nm and 10nm technology node development. Baozhen was awarded for Outstanding Technical Achievement in 2008, and named as a Master Inventor in 2012.

Prior to join IBM, Baozhen Li was with the Science and Technology Center of Westinghouse Electric Corp., where his research was centered on the fuel cell technology development. He received the B. S and M. S. degree in Metallurgical Engineering from Northeastern University in China, and the Ph. D degree in Materials Science and Engineering from University of Notre Dame, USA, in 1990.

Baozhen Li has more than 50 technical publications and has 30 patents granted to his credit. He has been very active at IRPS (International Reliability Physics Symposium), IIRW (International Integrated Reliability Workshop) and JEDEC. He has served as Chair or Co-chair for multiple committees at IRPS for multiple years, and gave a tutorial at IRPS 2008. He received IRPS 2011’s Best Paper award.