Hong Xie 谢鸿
VP, TFME Research Institute of Advanced Packaging

个人简介 / Biography

Dr. Hong Xie is currently VP of the TFME research institute of advanced packaging. Hong obtained his BS and MS degrees from Tsinghua University, Beijing, China and PhD from university of Colorado at Boulder, all in Mechanical engineering. Prior to joining TFME, he was the general manager of Flip Chip International at Phoenix, USA, a division of Hua Tian technology group. Prior to FCI, Hong worked at Assembly and Test Technology Development of Intel Corporation at Chandler and held various engineering and management positions in ATTD, in the areas of thermal, mechanical design and analysis, design integration, manufacturing, package designs. Hong is a senior member of IEEE and has published over a dozen journal papers and received 35 US patents.

摘要 / Abstract

In the presentation, the author will review the latest trends of chiplet packaging and use the FoPoS technology development at TFME to illustrate the challenges of developing such technologies.