Senior Vice President, Global Sales and Marketing, OmniVision

With almost 29 years in the semiconductor industry, Michael Wu joined OmniVision in January 2018 and has worked at Motorola, Freescale, Xilinx, Tilera, Lantiq, and most recently at Marvell Semiconductor as VP Sales and Country Manager (China). Previously he has held a variety of positions in Product Test Engineering, Regional Sales and Business Development. Having worked and lived in mainland China, Hong Kong, USA, Philippines and Malaysia, he has built business successes with end customers in the areas of mobile phone chipset, wireline and wireless networking infrastructure, IoT, storage, DSL/PON gateway, surveillance, network security, and cloud/data center. Michael's keen understanding of technology and market opportunities and his unparalleled ability to lead and motivate teams, drive transformation and fast response to market transitions and increase customer relevance and growth. Michael holds BSEE and MSEE degrees from Tianjin University and EMBA degrees from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University and from Fudan University.

吴晓东于2018年1月加入豪威科技,被任命为全球销售高级副总裁, 并于2018年6月任职全球销售及市场高级副总裁。吴晓东从事半导体行业近29年,曾就职于摩托罗拉、飞思卡尔半导体、赛灵思、Tilera、Lantiq等公司,担任过产品测试工程师、区域销售及业务发展等多个技术及管理职位。在加入豪威科技之前,吴先生曾是Marvell美满科技半导体公司高级销售总裁兼中国区总经理。 他曾在中国大陆、香港、美国、菲律宾以及马来西亚工作及生活,与手机芯片模组、有线及无限网络基础设施、IoT、存储、DSL/PON家庭网关、安防、网络安全、云端/数据中心等各大领域市场的终端客户都建立了成熟的业务关系。他对市场及科技敏锐的把握,以及领导启发团队的能力,都使其在加速推动公司的市场转型及变革,增加客户关联及增长上取得巨大成效。吴晓东毕业于天津大学,拥有电气工程学士及硕士学位,并且拥有西北大学凯洛管理学院以及复旦大学EMBA学位。