Dustin Ho 何文彬
Technical Director, Silicon Product Group, Applied Materials, Inc

个人简介 / Biography

Dustin Ho is currently Technical Program Director for Epitaxy, Packaging, and Specialty Devices Business Unit and Fab Environmental Solutions Group at Applied Materials, responsible for implementing innovative solutions for semiconductor processes.

Previously, he was Marketing Director and International Senior Expert focused on new market development at a major gas company. Earlier he worked at Applied Materials in the Solar Division, the Dielectric Systems and Modules Group, and ESPD Emission Technology programs.

He has published more than 20 technical papers, holds 32 patents, and has presented at numerous global industry conferences.

摘要 / Abstract

We are experiencing a new technology wave involving artificial intelligence, big data, smart transportation, and 5G high speed communications. As these markets grow, so does the need for power. Governments are responding with new regulations to enforce higher efficiency power solutions to lower carbon dioxide emissions. Silicon power device technologies such as IGBTs and MOSFETs are now transferring to 300 mm wafers in response to increasing demand and to improve costs. Wide-bandgap power technologies are now significantly ramping into the market, driven by electric vehicles and travel adaptors. Using these technologies enables longer mileage range by reducing weight and increasing efficiency. Additionally, providing ‘fast charging’ adaptors in compact packages meets consumer demand for rapid charging of smartphones. However, these applications require new chamber technologies, processes, and chemistries to deliver high yields of high-performance devices in high-volume manufacturing.