Michael Yi 易义军
SPTS Technologies

个人简介 / Biography

Michael Yi is Sales Account Manager for SPTS Technologies in China and based in the Shanghai office. Michael has more than 15 years of experience in the semiconductor industry. Prior to joining the SPTS China sales team in 2013, he was principal process engineer at Huali Microelectronics and was responsible for 55nm/45nm thin film process development. Michael’s prior work experience also include GLOBALFOUNDRIES (Singapore), ASMC (Shanghai) and SMIC (Beijing).

摘要 / Abstract

Increasing demand for high voltage operating devices, particularly the growth in electric vehicles, has led to growing adoption of SiC and GaN based power devices. Despite continued competition from Si based power devices, high efficiency, resistance to harsher environments and fast switching times make SiC MOSFETs an ideal choice for electric traction.

We will discuss how physical vapor deposition (PVD) can be used to deposit both thick frontside metal, and thinner multi-layer backside metals deposited after wafer thinning. The presentation will give details of how SPTS Sigma® PVD technology overcomes various challenges which can affect yields in power device manufacturing, including eliminating whiskers during thick metal deposition, avoiding contamination from organics, active-face protection and stress control of backside layers.