Ziwen Fang 方子文
Senior Department Manager, AIXTRON SE

个人简介 / Biography

方子文博士毕业于英国利物浦大学工程学院,从事先进半导体沉积技术,现任AIXTRON中国区市场营销和工艺高级部门经理。他在AIXTRON曾担任工艺科学家,苏州实验室部门经理等职,精通三五族化合物半导体MOCVD外延材料生长、制备和测试。其中包括硅基GaN材料用于功率及射频器件,SiC材料用于功率器件,GaAs/InP激光器,及Mini/Micro LED显示面板产品使用的外延材料。

摘要 / Abstract

Fueled by global mega trends, compound semiconductors have reported substantial design wins in current and future volume market applications, among which power electronics is on the verge of a major shift from Silicon to SiC and GaN. In this regards, SiC semiconductors have gained an increased acceptance for automotive application during the last year, while GaN has already started penetrating consumer level applications. For becoming a sustainable and dominating solution in power electronics, both performance, reliability and cost requirements will need to be met at device level, but also at epitaxy level. Here we report on latest advances of epitaxy batch production technology for power electronics wide bandgap material including the newly launched AIX G5 WW C, which is a fully automated SiC 8x150 mm batch solution providing best throughput and lowest cost per wafer. At the same time individual wafer control ensures layer quality showing excellent uniformities and defects levels, so that customers' performance and cost metrics are met as well as a fast ramp-up in the current dynamic environment is enabled.