Ye Xu 徐晔
Power Integrations, Inc.

个人简介 / Biography

徐晔,2008年毕业于浙江大学,主修电力电子与电力传动专业, 硕士学位。现任 Power Integrations公司AC/DC 产品线应用工程师,负责华东区家电、电表、LED照明和电动自行车充电器的客户。曾在飞利浦照明电子,从事荧光灯镇流器以及LED驱动器的开发与设计,长期专注于中小功率电源产品开发和推广,熟悉电源类产品的开发流程,以及EMC、安规和性能的认证要求。

摘要 / Abstract

GaN switch technology is a rare transformative product in power conversion. GaN switches are allowing us - for the first time, to make power adapters that are small, lightweight and attractive. Despite the benefits, GaN devices present particular challenges for the circuit designer including destructive oscillation, low breakdown voltage, and rapid failure during short circuit. We will show that solving these problems thru smart design and integration has finally unleashed GaN.