Denis Marcon

个人简介 / Biography

Denis Marcon received a M.S. degree from the University of Padova in 2006. Subsequently, he received the degree of Doctor in Engineering (Ph. D.) from the Catholic University of Leuven and imec with the thesis entitled “Reliability study of power gallium nitride based transistors” in 2011 He is leading author or co-author of more than 50 journal papers or conference contributions.

Currently, he is a Sr. business development manager in imec, Belgium, and he is directly responsible for the partnerships with imec in the field of GaN power electronics and on dedicated development projects of Si-based device and sensors.

摘要 / Abstract

Today, GaN-on-Si is well accepted as a break-through power electronics technology. New and exciting products based on GaN technology are already present in the market and new applications requiring GaN technology are popping up daily: this shows a tremendous growth of the GaN's market.

Imec was first in showing the possibility to produce highly performing 200mm/8-inch GaN-on-Si transistors in standard (non-dedicated) Si production fabs. This opened the possibility to use established 200mm/8-inch Si manufacturing line to also produce GaN-based discrete devices.

Today, imec has available a solid 8-inch/200mm GaN-on-Si e-mode platform that is continuously improved in terms of performance and reliability for 100, 200V and 650V power switching applications. Next to this, imec is also enabling the next generations of GaN technologies with higher level of integration and suitable for wide voltage ranges.

Particularly attention is dedicated to enable full GaN power integrated (IC) circuits where all the components (e.g. half bridge, drivers, comparators, dead-time control etc...) are integrated into a single GaN chip. This technology is a game changer for GaN that is comparable to what happened into Si technology several years ago and that enabled today modern electronics.

With imec's GaN-IC technology, designers can finally unlock the full potential of GaN technology and can realize unprecedented complex and compact power systems on a chip.

In this talk, imec will review the status of imec’s 8-inch/200mm GaN-on-Si e-mode device technology and how key challenges were tackled and solved. Moreover, imec’s GaN-IC technology will be explained and examples of what is possible to realize with such technology will be shown.