Chunjun Liu 刘春俊
Vice President, CTO, TankeBlue Semiconductor Co., Ltd.

个人简介 / Biography


Dr. Chunjun Liu, Professor, CTO of Beijing Tankeblue Semiconductor Company, is selected by Beijing Nova Project and Beijing GaoChuang Project. He has focused on the research and industrialization of SiC single crystal growth and wafer processing since 2007. He is possessing 17 invention patents including 5 PCT patents and has published 10 papers.

摘要 / Abstract

Silicon carbide (SiC) is a vital wide bandgap semiconductor material for the fabrication of high-power and high-temperature devices. Tankeblue Company was founded in 2006 and always focusing on the growth and fabrication of SiC single crystals. In the last few years, the mass-production of high quality 4-inch, 6-inch n-type and semi-insulating SiC wafers has been realized. Statistically, the micropipe density is lower than 0.5 cm-2. The resistivity of the wafers is lower than 0.02 Ω·cm and up to 109 Ω·cm for n-type and semi-insulating SiC single crystals, respectively. A state of the art processing technique has been developed to control wafer deformation and thickness within the desired values for subsequent epitaxy. A new plant in Xuzhou city has been completed and put into production in 2019. In the next two years, we will build another new plant in Beijing to enhance our capacity to support our customers.