Dr. Yaoguo (Gary) Ding

Vice President, Technology and Manufacturing Group
Director, Thin Films and Planarization Technology

Yaoguo (Gary) Ding is vice president in the Technology and Manufacturing Group and the director of thin films and planarization technology at Intel Corporation. He manages the thin films and planarization areas in Intel’s logic technology development (LTD) division, where his responsibilities include technology development, ramp-up and pathfinding. Ding has worked within Intel’s logic technology development organization for more than two decades, developing expertise in planarization (also known as chemical mechanical polishing), metallization, silicides, semiconductor process flow, High-k metal gate technology, 3-D transistors, transistor performance, reliability and yield improvement. He has held a variety of process engineering and technology development leadership roles during his tenure at Intel and contributed to more than 10 generations of Intel silicon technology. Before he assumed his current role in 2017, Ding’s prior leadership roles included managing front-end metallization, front-end planarization and technology development engineering in the LTD group. He joined Intel in 1994 as a senior process engineer. Ding holds a bachelor’s degree in physics from Peking University in Beijing, China; and received master’s and Ph.D. degrees in materials science and engineering from Cornell University. His Intel process development work has resulted in a handful of published papers, as well as a patent in the field of chemical mechanical polishing. He has participated at several industry events, including serving as keynote speaker.