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Monday, June 26, 2023 Shanghai International Convention Center
Meeting Room: 3H+3I+3J

Session I: Memory Technology
Session Chair: Xiaoping Shi
**13:30-14:00 Magnetron Sputtering System for Magnetic Random Access Memory R&D
  Weisheng Zhao, Beihang University
**14:00-14:30 Technical challenges in MRAM fabrication
  Guchang Han, Zhejiang Hikstor Technology Co., Ltd.
*14:30-14:55 IGZO TFT for DRAM Cell Application
  Di Geng, Institute of Microelectronics, Chinese Academy of Sciences
*14:55-15:20 Cell structure and process integration of a novel 2T0C technology for high-density DRAM application
  Zhengyong Zhu, Beijing Superstring Academy of Memory Technology
15:20-15:40 Pathfinding by different process integration scheme: Advanced DRAM bit-line spacer process integration skim evaluation using virtual
  Dempsey Deng, Lam Research
15:40-16:00 Coffee Break

Session II: Device Integration
Session Chair: Chao Zhao
**16:00-16:30 Integration and Pixelation of Colloidal Quantum Dot layers at Wafer Level for Image Sensor Applications
  Yunlong Li, Zhejiang University
*16:30-16:55 Technical Challenges of GAA and R&D Progress at IMECAS
  Jun Luo, Institute of Microelectronics, Chinese Academy of Sciences
*16:55-17:20 The Challenges of Carbon Nanotube CMOS IC Technology
  Jia Si, Peking University
17:20-17:40 Carbon Gap Fill in Reversed Self-Aligned Double Patterning
  Guanfeng Lu, Lam Research

Tuesday, June 27, 2023 Shanghai International Convention Center
Meeting Room: 3H+3I+3J

Session III: Advanced Process Development
Session Chair: Jianhua Jv
*8:30-8:55 Atomic Scale Engineering: An outlook of ALD Applications and Localization
  Weimin Li, Jiangsu Leadmicro Nano-Equipment Technology Ltd.
*8:55-9:20 Study of Slip Defects and Improving Methods in Furnace High Temperature Process
  Yan Sun, Beijing NAURA Microelectronics Equipment Co., Ltd.
*9:20-9:45 Surface Process Development for High-performance GaN HEMTs Fabrication
  Min Xu, Fudan University
9:45-10:05 Improvement of SiGe Relaxation by a New Clamping Film Deposition Process Method
  Zhiqiang Xiao, Semiconductor Manufacturing North China (Beijing) Corp.
10:05-10:25 Coffee Break

Session IV: Advanced Process Development - 2
Session Chair: Jiaxiang Nie
*10:25-10:50 Precursor Selection for ALD High-k Films in Memory Applications
  Jianheng Li, Hefei ADChem Semi-Tech. Co., Ltd.
*10:50-11:15 Si and SiGe Heteroepitaxy for Semiconductor Quantum Computing
  Guilei Wang, Beijing Superstring Academy of Memory Technology
*11:15-11:40 High Mobility SiGe/Ge Channel Transistors for Advanced CMOS Technology
  Yi Zhao, East China Normal University
11:40-12:00 A Novel Method to Optimize SiGe Profile Using Co-implantation
  Zhiqiang Xiao, Semiconductor Manufacturing North China (Beijing) Corp.
12:00-13:30 Lunch Break

Session V: Advanced Process Development - 3
Session Chair: Chao Zhao
13:30-13:50 Pulsed DC parameters (Reverse Voltage, Duty Cycle, Pulsed Frequency) on Film quality in reactive sputtered aluminum nitride films
  Weiyu Zhou, National Central University
13:50-14:10 The effect of SiGe SiCoNi pre-clean time on planner logic device performance study
  Xuechun Zhang, Semiconductor Manufacturing North China (Beijing) Corporation
14:10-14:30 Growth and Reduction of Tiny defect in Selective SiGe Epitaxy S/D Devices
  Cunzhe He, Semiconductor Manufacturing North China (Beijing) Corp.
14:30-14:50 Influence of ion implantation on void defect formation in epitaxially grown silicon
  Zeqi Zha, Semiconductor manufacturing International (Beijing) Corporation
14:50-15:10 Coffee Break

Session VI: Advanced Process Development - 4
Session Chair: Xiaoping Shi
15:10-15:30 Some key modifications of theory required to understand the leakage current mechanisms for ferroelectric HfZrO capacitors used in microelectronics
  Wai-Shing Lau, Nanyang Technological University
15:30-15:50 Lau's unified Schottky-Poole-Frenkel theory with asymmetric distortion by electron charge trapping proposed to explain the current-voltage characteristics of high-k metal-insulator-metal capacitors
  Wai-Shing Lau, Nanyang Technological University
15:50-16:10 The Study of Silicon Nitride Films Deposited in Batch ALD System
  Shiyao Cheng, Beijing NAURA Microelectronics Equipment Co., Ltd.
Poster Session:
  Surface Roughness Reduction of PECVD SiNX Film
  Xiaochen Wang, Piotech Inc.
  Mechanical Properties of Flip-chip Bonding Structures for Micro-LED Devices: Cu-Cu Bonding with Passivation Layer and Indium Bumps Bonding
  Kefeng Wang, Shanghai University
  A method by optimizing N/PMOS Gate height uniformity to improve MBIST performance at 28nm High-K/Metal Gate CMOS Technology
  Guanqiao Peng, Shanghai Huali Integrated Circuit Corporation
  WN Barrier Simulation for Electrical Improvement in Small CD BEOL vias Application
  Zhengning Gao, Lam Research
  Virtual DOE-assisted DTI Airgap Optimization
  Cherry Xu, Lam Research.
  Electroplating Process Improvement on Post-CMP Dishing Profile
  Wenbo Wu, Lam Research
  Effect of Sub-Atmospheric Chemical Vapor Deposition SiO2 Film Deposition Process on Surface Chemistry Sensitivity
  Jianan Wei, Piotech Inc.
  The solution of inline AL missing defect inspection and improvement for HK process
  Min Wang, Shanghai Huali Microelectronics Corporation
  Gas distribution effect on AlN thin film Thickness Non-uniformity
  Xiaomeng Liu, Piotech (Shanghai) Inc.
  Substrate Effect on Thermal ALD AlN thin film Gwoth Rate
  Xiaomeng Liu, Piotech (Shanghai) Inc.
  Adjustment of barrier film stack for improving TSV hillock in stacking CMOS image sensor
  Zherui Cao, Shanghai Huali Integrated Circuit Co., Ltd
  Study of GeSi/Si superlattice heteroepitaxial growth and characterization
  Hailing Wang, Beijing Superstring Academy of Memory Technology
  A Method for Predicting the Warpage of Semiconductor Wafer
  Zhiguo Li, Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corp.