Charles Zha 查莹杰
VP, General Manager of China, Navitas Semiconductor

摘要 / Abstract

Forty years ago, the power electronics industry experienced an extraordinary and disruptive change, with the introductions of new ‘MOSFET’ silicon technology, new integrated controllers, improved magnetics and the industry validation of previously academic-only power topologies like SMPS. Device integration, in the form of analog application-specific ICs (ASICs), was the catalyst to enable simple, cost-effective and industry-proven designs. In the following decade, the power supply industry experienced a 5x increase in power density, a 5x reduction in losses in energy savings and a 3x reduction in costs (Fig 1). The next 30 years saw incremental improvements - for example Si superjunction devices, synchronous rectification, resonant topologies - but no performance shifts as dramatic as the first change. Now, with GaN Power ICs, with monolithic integration of GaN FET, GaN digital and GaN analog circuits, a new generation of high-frequency, high-efficiency and very small size power converters are in the market from Xiaomi, Lenovo, Oppo and other major companies.