Dr. Bin Yu

Professor, Zhejiang University, China

Prof. Bin Yu received Ph.D. degree in Electrical Engineering from UC Berkeley. His research interests include post-Moore electronics, neuromorphic sensing, and smart nanomanufacturing. He has authored/co-authored 300+ research papers (incl. a number of records in ultra-scaled transistors such as FinFET), was the speaker of 160+ keynote/invited talks to international conferences, academia, and industry around the world, and held 300+ awarded U.S. patents in semiconductor electronics. Dr. Yu was appointed Consulting Professor at Stanford University and Guest Professor at Beijing University. He served on the Administrative Committee of IEEE NTC and IEEE EDS, Draft Committee for ITRS Roadmap, editorial boards of leading IEEE journals, and invited panels/advisory committees/TPC of many international conferences. Dr. Yu is elected Fellow of National Academy of Inventors (NAI) and Fellow of IEEE.