SEMICON China Theme Pavilions

IC Manufacturing Pavilion
From IC Design to Manufacturing, Building China's Semiconductor Industry Supply Chain

The China Market IC Applications Pavilion showcases products, technologies, and manufacturing solutions focused on serving China's fabless IC community, from design to final manufacturing. Exhibits and displays in this pavilion include technologies, services, and solutions for design, EDA, IP, foundry, and systems assembly and test.
Compound Semiconductor Pavilion

Compound Semiconductor Materials like GaAs, GaN and SiC are widely used for manufacturing of optoelectronics, RF, power electronicsand many other semiconductor devices, compound semiconductor materials play an increasingly important role in 5G communication, display, new energy, electric transportation and other emerging areas with the benefits of  unique material characteristics.
China is the largest compound semiconductor manufacturing base and application market in the world , Compound Semiconductorindustry will be one of the most important development trend in the future.
SEMICON China Compound Semiconductor Pavilion provides on-stop solution of compound semiconductor manufacturing process, including sapphire, SiC, GaN, MO source and other core materials, and key facilities like MOCVD, PECVD, PVD, Etch, Ion Implanter ,RTP and A&T.
SEMI Workforce Pavilion
SEMI Workforce Pavilion main activities are as following:
  • Job Fair and Mentoring Program:HRs provide interview opportunities and career guidance for students.
  • WFD CXO Talent Forum:CXOs make speeches and panel discussion as well as exchange ideas with students.
  • WFD Wall:Exhibit industry and product knowledge to let students cognize the industry.
  • Student Tour:Bridge the gap between students and companies.
  • Job Board:Provide latest campus recruitment information.