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Exhibitor Services Manual

The information contained in this Exhibitor Services Manual will provide you with everything you need for a successful exhibition. Please take time to read through it, ensuring that the necessary action is taken and service forms are returned as required by their respective deadlines. 

Exhibitor Services Manual:

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Section 1: General Information

  • Show Name
  • Organizer
  • Show Venue
  • Show Dates and Times
  • Move-In & Move-Out Dates and Times
  • 2021 Important Notes
  • Important Contacts
  • SEMI Expositions Calendar
Section 2: A to Z Directory

Section 3: Exhibitor Responsibilities and Liabilities

  • Amendment/General Supervision
  • Default in Occupancy
  • Exhibitor Liability 
  • Limitation of Liability/Insurance
  • Reselling/Use of Space
  • Violations and Penalties
  • Theft/Damages

Section 4: Freight Handling

  • Official Freight Forwarder
  • On-site Freight Handling
  • Hall Specifications
  • Shipping Address
  • Official Freight Forwarders Shipping Manual
  • TWI Shipping Manual

Section 5: Decorated and Rental

  • Official Decorator and Electrical Contractor
  • Decorated Space
  • Raw Space
  • Package Booth

Section 6: Rules on Badges

  • Rules on Badges
  • Exhibitor Badges
  • Set-Up / Dismantle Badges
  • Registration Procedure

Section 7: Other Service

  • Accommodations
  • Lead Retrieval Rental
  • Interpretation Services
  • AV Equipment Rental
  • PRC Visa Information

Section 8: Measures on Complaints and Their Handling of Suspected IPRs Infringement

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