Keynote & Invited Speakers(2019)

The Floating-Gate Memory from Concept to Flash Memory to the Fourth Industrial Revolution
Dr. Simon M. Sze, Honorary Chair Professor, NCTU
Moore's Law and Evolving Challenges in Technology Scaling
Dr. Yaoguo (Gary) Ding, Vice President, Intel
Semiconductor Innovation and Scaling: A Foundry Perspective
Dr. Min Cao, Vice President, Path-finding, TSMC
"In-memory Computing": Accelerating AI Applications
Dr. Evangelos Eleftheriou, Fellow, Neuromorphic Computing, IBM
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Partial List of other Confirmed Distinguished CSTIC 2019 Invited Speakers
Accelerating Deep Neural Networks with Analog Memory Devices
Dr. Geoff Burr, IBM
Non-volatile Memory for Neuromorphic Computing
Prof. Sangbum Kim, Seoul Natioanl University
Defect Assessment in AlN Nucleation Layers Grown on Silicon and Silicon-on-Insulator Substrates
Eddy Simoen, IMEC
Fast Development of High-performance ICs in AI/IoT Era
Min-Hwa CHI, SiEn (Qindao) Integrated Circuits Cor.
Towards Efficient AI On-a-chip: Joint Hardware-algorithm Approaches
Prof. Yu Cao, Arizona State University
Scaling and Printing Electronics Using Nanomaterials
Prof. Aaron D. Franklin, Duke University
AC NEGF simulation: Efficient implementation and application to nanosheet MOSFETs
Prof. Sung-Min Hong, Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology
ReRam for alternative computing architectures
Prof. Khaled N. Salama, UCSD
Super steep switching CMOS device technology
Prof. Changhwan Shin, Sungkyunkwan University
Steep-Slope Hysteresis-Free Negative-Capacitance 2D Transistors
Prof. Peide Ye, Purdue University
Design & Technology Co-optimization for High Performance & Low Power Mobile SoC Productization
Dr. Jun Yuan, Qualcomm
New Understanding of Negative Capacitance Devices for Low-Power Logic Applications
Prof. Qianqian Huang, Peking University
        Understanding the negative capacitance in nanoscale by two-dimensional phase field simulations
Cheol Seong Hwang, Seoul National University
Computing with Memristive Devices and Arrays
J. Joshua Yang, University of Massachusetts
Spin-Transfer-Torque Magnetic Random Access Memory: Co-Development of New Technologies and Architectures
Nuo Xu, Samsung Electronics
Novel gap filling BARC with high chemical resistance
Mr. Yuto Hashimoto, Nissan Chemical Corporation
High Power LPP-EUV Source with Long Collector Mirror Lifetime for Semiconductor High Volume Manufacturing
Dr. Hakaru Mizoguchi, Gigaphoton Inc.
  Advances in IC Mask Synthesis and Tape Out Operations in the era of Machine Learning
Dr. Steffen Schulze, Mentor Graphics
Reduction and control of edge placement error at the 5nm node through a holistic approach
Dr. Robert Socha, ASML
Advanced Lithography Material Status toward 5nm Node and beyond
Dr. Koichi FUJIWARA, JSR Shanghai Co., Ltd.
Pattern fidelity control on EUV via hole towards 5-nm node
Hidetami Yaegashi, Tokyo Electron Limited
Multi-beam mask writer MBM-1000
Dr. Hiroshi Matsumoto, NuFlare Technology
EUV Lithography optics - current status and outlook
Dr. Dirk Juergens, Carl Zeiss SMT GmbH
  EUV Mask near Field Synthesis
Taian Fan, IMECAS
        Evolution of Lithographic Materials Enabling the Semiconductor Industry
Dr. Cheng-Bai Xu, DowDuPont
Tailoring Material and Process Variables to Control Planarization Properties at ≤ 7-nm nodes
Daniel M. Sullivan, Brewer Science
Study of CD-SEM based and other reference metrologies for line width roughness (LWR) control on EUV photoresist and less than 20nm width materials
Dr. Takeshi Kato, Hitachi High Technologies
Boosting Computational Lithography Performance with High Speed Metrology and Machine Learning Technology
Dr. Gary Zhang, ASML-Brion
Will Conley, ASML-Cymer
  How Curvilinear Mask Patterning will Enhance the Wafer Process Window: A Study Using Rigorous Wafer+Mask Dual  Simulation
Ryan Pearman, D2S
Multi-Beam Mask Writer for Advanced Patterning
Naoya Hayashi, Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd.(DNP)
  High Volume Semiconductor Manufacturing using Nanoimprint Lithography
Keita Sakai, Canon
Defectivity Reduction in EUV Lithography Materials using Advanced Filtration Technologies
Rao Varanasi, Pall Corporation
Thin Film Characterization for advanced patterning
Dr. Zhimin Zhu, Brewer Science
Development of A High Performance and Productivity ICP Etcher
Songlin Xu, Advanced Micro-Fabrication Equipment Inc.
        Modeling and simulation approaches to atomistic control in etch and deposition processes: the role of surface modification and the catalytic nature of hydrogen
Dr. P. L. G. Ventzek, TEL
Towards the New Understanding of VHF Plasma Uniformity: Measurements of RF Magnetic Fields and Plasma Conduction Current in VHF Plasma Sources
Dr. Jianping Zhao, TEL
EUV SADP SAB Integration Scheme for Sub 30-nm Pitch Mx Patterning
Kiyotaka Imai, Tokyo Electron Limited
Challenges & Opportunities of Chamber Materials For Chamber Productivity Enhancement
Jennifer Sun, Applied Materials, Inc
Advanced Etch Challenges and Perspective Solutions
Rich Wise, Lam Research, US
  Atomic level surface treatment by down-stream plasma generated radicals
Hua Chung, Mattson Technology
Single Wafer Clean Challenges and Status
David Wang, ACM
  A Patterning Solution for Perpendicular STT-MRAM by Utilizing Combined Etching
Dr. Dongchen Che, Leuven Instruments
Defect Control & Yield Improvement Using Advanced Filtration for Etch and Clean
David Huang, Pall (China) Co.,Ltd.
  Advanced Device Challenges and the Solution from Etch
Joydeep Guha, AMAT
Advanced Si Etch System for 14nm and beyond
Tomoki Suemasa, Beijing NAURA Microelectronics Equipment Co. Ltd.
Precise Etching Profile Control by Atomic-Scale Process
Yoshihide Kihara, Tokyo Electron Miyagi Limited
Cobalt Electrofill for Future Generations of Contacts and Interconnects
Tighe Spurlin, Lam Research
Direct Copper Damascene Fill on Cobalt Liner Structures
Lee Brogan, Lam Research
Developments of Cu Barrier/liner Materials for 10nm CMOS Technology Node & Beyond
Dr. Xiaoping Shi, Naura
BEOL Low-k Dielectrics for 5nm and below
Dr. Kang Sub Yim, Applied Materials
Advanced Nanoscale Magnetic Tunnel Junctions for Low Power Computing
Prof. Weisheng Zhao, Beihang University
Advanced Ti-based silicides Ohmic contacts in sub-16/14 nm nodes
Dr. Jun Luo, IMECAS
  Alternative metallization for advanced interconnects
Dr. Christoph Adelmann, IMEC
Integration Options for Enabling Fully Self Aligned Via
Gayle Murdoch, IMEC
  3D hybrid scaling of CMOS for the next scaling era
Dr. Julien Ryckaert, IMEC
DFI™: Detect the Undetectable with Design for Inspection
Dr. Klaus Schuegraf, PDF Solutions
Enablement Strategies to minimize inputs of CMP process in Mass production
Dr. Ji Chul Yang, SK Hynix
The Characteristics of PVA Brushes in Post CMP Cleaning
Prof. Jin-Goo Park, Hanyang University
  CMP mechanism of GISI multilevel interconnect
Chenwei Wang, Hebei University of Technology
        Advances in CMP Formulations Technology
Dr. Hongjun Zhou, Versum materials
High rate ceria slurry and pad combo solution for bulk oxide CMP
Dr. Jinfeng Wang, Cabot Microelectronics
Ceria Slurry for Bulk Oxide and Selective CMP Applications
Dr. Xiansheng Yin, Anji Microelectronics Technology (Shanghai) Co. Ltd.
A Study on the Mechanical Role of Pad Asperities in Chemical-Mechanical Polishing
Prof. Sanha Kim, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
Beyond Planarization, into the Realm of Multifunctional Polishing
Dr. Hong Jin Kim, Globalfoundries
Study and Improvement on Tungsten Recess in CMP Process
Dr. Lei Zhang, Shanghai Huali Microelectronics Corporation
Opportunities and Challenges of CMP technology for advanced memory manufacturing
Dr. Yukiteru Matsui, Toshiba Memory Corp.
Study on CMP Slurry with Graphene Oxide for Monocrystal SiC Wafer Polishing
Chao-Chang Chen, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology
The surface investigation of nano silica for CMP
Weili Liu, SIMIT

Post CMP Cleaning: Challenges and Defect Improvement Approaches
Katrina Mikhaylich, AMAT
Numberical simulation of marangoni drying in post-cmp clenaing
Dr. Dewen Zhao, Tsinghua University

Reliability challenges for advanced interconnect systems
Dr. Kristof Croes, IMEC
The Hype, Myths, and Realities of Testing 2.5D/3D Integrated Circuits
Prof. Krishnendu Chakrabarty, Duke University
  Reliability Verification: Why it is complex, important and beneficial?
Sridhar Srinivasan, Mentor Graphics
Gary Ditmer, Lam Research
Comprehensive 3D Process Control
Jason Shields, Lam Research
High-resolution Time-domain Reflectometry Analysis in Back-End-of-Line (BEOL) by Recursive Circuit Modeling
Dr. Yang Shang, Advantest Singapore Pte Ltd
SCR Devices with Embedded RC triggering structure for ESD Protection
Dr. Zhiwei Liu, University of Electronic Science and Technology
  High Performance Computing GPU and AI Packaging
Scott M and MC Hsieh, JCET
        Advanced Process Development for System-Like HD SiP
Mike Zhao, ASE
  Technology Development and Challenges of Power Packaging
Wayne Lin, TFME
Development of 3D Embedded Silicon Integration Technology
Daquan Yu, HuaTian Technology
  Advance MIS Technology Development
Eric Zhu, JCET
Wafer Level Packaging - A mid-end approach
Liu Hong Jun, China Wafer Level CSP Co., Ltd
  Analysis Methods for High Purity Sputtering Target Materils
Xueze Wang, KFMI
        High Thermal Conductive DA Development
Tim Chen, Yantai Darbond Technology
  Substrate Based PLP Technology
Lingwen Kong, Shennan Circuits Company Limited (SCC)
        Advanced Packaging and the Materials Challenges
Fay Hua
  Heterogeneous Integration Roadmap Driving Force and Enabling Technology for Systems of the Future
Bill Chen and Bill Bottoms, ASE Fellow

Low-Power AI Chips for Edge Computing
Dr. Kirby Li, Qualcomm
How to Successfully Overcome Inflection Points by Using the Technology Roadmap Methodology
Dr. Paolo A. Gargini, International Roadmap for Devices and Systems (IRDS)
Challenges in Circuit Designs and Devices-Circuits Interaction for Computing-in-Memory
Dr. Meng-Fan (Marvin) Chang, National Tsing Hua University
  Process Overview of Area-Selective Deposition; Surface-Determined Patterning Technology toward Advanced Nanofabrication
Prof. WooHee Kim, Jeonbuk National University

Hybrid Solid State Chemoresistive and Fluctuation-Enhanced Gas Sensors: Exhaled Breath and Indoor Air Analysis
Tesfalem Welearegay, Uppsala University
A novel gate junction design for low noise Si Nanowire ISFET Sensors
Prof. Zhen Zhang, Uppsala University
Analog Resistive Switching Memory for Neural-Network Processing Unit
Prof. Bin Gao, Hsinghua University
Development of Thin Film Technologies for IoT and Smart Society
Dr. KouKou Suu, ULVAC
AI: From Deep Learning to In-Memory Computing
Hsiang-Lan Lung, Macronix
The implementation of semiconductor based biosensors into Point of Need systems for the automatized analysis of complex samples
Sascha Geidel, Fraunhofer ENAS
Current Progress on 2D Materials and their FETs for Future LSIs
Prof. Hitoshi Wakabayashi, Tokyo Institute of Technology
The Life of SPICE as A Transient Circuit Simulator
Prof. Chung-Kuan Cheng, UC San Diego
Edge Computing
 for Intelligent Healthcare
Prof. X. Sharon Hu, University of Notre Dame
Design, Implementation and Integration for Smart Headlights
Prof. Xin Li, Duke University
DTCO is the New Moore’s Law for Advanced Logic and Memory
Dr. Victor Moroz, Synopsys Inc.

Overview of A FPGA-based Overlay Processor
Prof. Lei He, UC Los Angeles
Not Your Father's Timing Anymore – Novel Approaches to Timing of Digital Circuits
Prof. Ulf Schlichtmann, Technical University of Munich
Computing-in-Memory for Binary Neural Networks
Prof. Shimeng Yu, Georgia Institute of Technology
        Nanometer Analog Circuit Synthesis by Multi-objective Bayesian Optimization
Prof. Xuan Zeng, Fudan University
Dadu - Processor Design for Robot
Prof. Yinhe Han, Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Science
Design Automation of Digital Microfluidic Biochips
Prof. Krishnendu Chakrabarty, Duke University
Accelerate Analog Circuit Simulation
Senhua Dong, Huada Emprean Inc.
A 1μw-to-100μw Output Range Boost DC-DC with Pseudo Open Loop Structure and Power Efficient Ring Oscillator for Wireless Energy Harvesting
Prof. Le Ye, Peking University
AI Vision Processor for the Automotive - from Horizon
Dr. Davids Wu, Horizon Shanghai IC Design Center