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Monday, March 18, 2019 Shanghai International Convention Center
Meeting Room: 5A

Session I: Sensors and Artificial Intelligence
Session Chairs: Zhiyong Ma & Evgeni Gousev

**13:30-14:00 Current Progress on 2D Materials and their FETs for Future LSIs
  Prof. Hitoshi Wakabayashi, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan
**14:00-14:30 Low-Power AI Chips for Edge Computing
  Dr. Kirby Li, Qualcomm, USA
**14:30-15:00 Challenges in Circuit Designs and Devices-Circuits Interaction for Computing-in-Memory
  Prof. Meng-Fan (Marvin) Chang, National Tsing Hua University (NTHU), China
*15:00-15:25 Development of Thin Film Technologies for IoT and Smart Society
  KouKou Suu, ULVAC, Japan
15:25-15:40 Coffee Break

Session II: Emerging Memories and AI
Session Chairs: Hsiang-Lan Lung & WooHee Kim

*15:40-16:05 AI: From Deep Learning to In-Memory Computing
  Dr. Hsiang-Lan Lung, Macronix, Taiwan, China
*16:05-16:30 Analog Resistive Switching Memory for Neural-Network Processing Unit
  Bin Gao, Tsinghua University, China
*16:30-16:55 Process Overview of Area-Selective Deposition; Surface-Determined Patterning Technology toward Advanced Nanofabrication
  Prof. WooHee Kim, Jeonbuk National University, Korea
16:55-17:10 Input Voltage Scheme for Dot product engine using NAND Flash Cells
  Sung-Tae Lee, Suhwan Lim, Nagyong Choi, Jong-Ho Bae, Dongseok Kwon, Hyeog-Su Kim, Byung-Gook Park, Jong-Ho Lee, Seoul National University, Korea
17:10-17:25 Dependence of plasma enhanced atomic layer deposited TiO2 based films characteristics on titanium films
  Sanghun Lee, Hyungjun Kim, Yonsei University, Korea
  Woo Jae Lee, Se-Hun Kwon, Pusan University, Korea
  Wontae Noh, Air Liquide Laboratories Korea

Tuesday, March 19, 2019 Shanghai International Convention Center
Meeting Room: 5A

Session III: Biosensors and Bioelectronics
Session Chair: Zhen Zhang

*8:30-8:55 A novel gate junction design for low noise Si Nanowire ISFET Sensors
  Prof. Zhen Zhang, Uppsala University, Sweden
*8:55-9:20 Hybrid Solid State Chemoresistive and Fluctuation-Enhanced Gas Sensors: Exhaled Breath and Indoor Air Analysis
  Tesfalem Welearegay, Uppsala University, Sweden
*9:20-9:45 The implementation of semiconductor based biosensors into Point of Need systems for the automatized analysis of complex samples
  Sascha Geidel, Fraunhofer ENAS, Germany
9:45-10:00 Design of Microbolometer by polycrystalline Silicon in standard CMOS technology
  Xinwen Cao, Mingcheng Luo, Wei Si, Feng Yan, Xiaoli Ji, Nanjing University
10:00-10:15 Fully self-aligned silicon nanowire field effect transistors for enhanced gas sensing performance
  Ruijin Hu, Xiaoxiang Wu, Han Yin, Jun Xu, Yi Shi, Linwei Yu, Nanjing University, China
10:15-10:30 Coffee Break

Joint Session: Symposium II, Symposium VIII and Symposium IX-AI
Meeing Room: 5th Floor Yangtze River Hall 长江厅
Session Chairs: Qinghuang Lin & Wenjian Yu

**10:30-11:00 How to Successfully Overcome Inflection Points by using the Technology Roadmap methodology
  Dr. Paolo Gargini, Chair, IRSD Roadmap, USA
**11:00-11:30 Edge Computing
for Intelligent Healthcare
  Prof. Sharon Hu, University of Notre Dame, USA
**11:30-12:00 Advances in IC Mask Synthesis and Tape Out Operations in the era of Machine Learning
  Steffen Schulz, Mentor
12:00-13:40 Lunch Break

Meeting Room: 5A
Session V: Image Sensors and Process Technology
Session Chair: Hyungjun Kim

*13:40-14:05 A High-sensitivity Low-noise HDR CMOS Image Sensor Based on Novel 6-Tr. 1-Cap. Pixel for Scientific Applications
  Chen Li, Shanghai Integrated Circuits R&D Center Ltd., Co., China
14:05-14:20 Z2-FET: a multi-functional device used for photodetection
  Jian Liu, XY. Cao, BR. Lu, YF. Chen, J. Wan, Fudan University, China
  A. Zaslavsky, Brown University
  S. Cristoloveanu, M. Bawedin, IMEP-LAHC, INP-Grenoble/Minatec
14:20-14:35 Plasma-enhanced atomic layer deposited Tungsten films by using Tungsten chloride precursor
  Seunggi Seo, Yujin Lee, Hwi Yoon, Il-Kwon Oh, Hyungjun Kim, Yonsei University, Korea
  Bonggeun Shong, Hongik University
  Kyu-Hyun Yeom, Jungwun Hwang, Jang Hyeon Seok, Jung Woo Park, Hansol Chemical
14:35-14:50 Coffee Break

Session VI: Process Technology
Session Chair: Zhen Zhang

14:50-15:05 Batch Atomic Layer Deposition of Aluminum Nitride for RF-MEMS and GaN Power-Devices
  Zhen Zhu, Erik Østreng, Iiris Tuoriniemi, Zhenzi Chen, Kalle Niiranen, Sami Sneck, Beneq, Finland
15:05-15:20 Numerical simulation on filtration performance of two-dimensional fibrous filter media with different structures
  Yang Xu, Bin Zhou, Nanjing Tech University
  Lan Zhu, National Air Cleaner & Gas Detect Production Quality Supervision and Inspection Center (Jiangsu), China
Poster Session Location:5th Floor
Coffee Break Geometry Optimization of Current-Mode Full Symmetric Vertical Hall Device by TCAD Simulation
  Xingxing Hu, Lei Jiang, Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications
  Zixuan Wang, Yue Xu, Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications, National and Local Joint Engineering Laboratory of RF Integration and Micro-assembly Technology
  Low-Temperature Synthesis of Layer-Controllable MoS2 by Plasma Enhanced Atomic Layer Deposition
  Minjoo Lee, Youngjun Kim, Jusang Park, Hyungjun Kim, Yonsei University, Korea