Date: Tuesday, March 19, 2019
Venue: Shanghai International Convention Center
Room: 5H


Fan-Out Wafer/Panel-Level Packaging for 3D IC Heterogeneous Integration

Dr. John H Lau
Sr. Technical Advisor, ASM Pacific Technology, Hong Kong

Because of the drive of Moore's law, SoC (system-on-chip) has been very popular in the past 10+ years. Unfortunately, the end of Moore's law is fast approaching and it is more and more difficult and costly to reduce the feature size (to do the scaling) to make the SoC. Heterogeneous integration contrasts with SoC. Heterogeneous integration uses packaging technology to integrate dissimilar chips with different functions into a system or subsystem. For the next few years, we will see more implementations of a higher level of heterogeneous integration, whether it is for time-to-market, performance, form factor, power consumption or cost. Fan-out wafer-level packaging (FOWLP) has been getting lots of tractions since TSMC used their FOWLP to package the application processor for the iPhone 7. In this lecture, the following topics will be presented and discussed. Emphasis is placed on the latest developments of these areas in the past three years. Their future trends will also be explored.
• Formation of Fan-out Wafer-Level Packaging (FOWLP)
• Fabrication of Redistribution Layers (RDLs)
• Formation of Fan-out Panel-Level Packaging (FOPLP)
• Wafer vs. Panel
• Embedded Chips Panel-Level Packaging (ECP)
• Trends in FOWLP and FOPLP
• System-on-Chip (SoC)
• Heterogeneous Integration vs. SoC
• Heterogeneous Integration on Organic Substrates (SiP)
• Heterogeneous Integration on Silicon Substrates (TSV-Interposers)
• Heterogeneous Integration on RDLs and/or TSV-less Interposers
• Heterogeneous Integration Trends



The Importance of ATE to IC Industry and Its Development Trend

Guangyu(Gary) Yang
Headmaster of Advantest(China) Corporate University
Senior Manager in Application Development Center

Integrated Circuit(IC) industry in China is under fast developing in recent years. Therefore, the design, manufacturing, packaging and testing technologies of IC are getting more and more attention. Based on Advantest's leading-edge technologies and decades of experiences in IC test, we talked about the past, the current and the future of ATE(Automatic Test Equipment) industry in this lecture. The lecture begins with the manufacturing process of IC, then it introduces the historical evolution of IC packaging and testing technologies, at last it emphasizes the importance of ATE industry to the entire IC industry. In a further technical discussion, the lecture makes a more comprehensive analysis on the role of IC test, IC test classification, test strategies, as well as the challenges and development trend of ATE industry. The content of the lecture includes following aspects:
• IC Manufacturing Process/Industry Value Chains
• The Necessity of IC test
• IC Test classification
• Automatic Test Equipment Introduction
• Test Strategy
• Challenges to ATE industry and its Development Trend