Prof. Yayi Wei
Director, IMECAS, China

Prof. Yayi Wei is a global expert elected in the 8th “Ten Thousand Talents Plan” which is China’s top national talent program, and joined the Institute of Microelectronics, Chinese Academy of Sciences (IMECAS) in 2013. He is now the Director of the Computational Lithography R&D Center and the Open Laboratory of Zhongguancun, focusing on the computational lithography research for the advanced technology node.

Prof. Wei received his doctorate degree from the Max Planck Institute for Solid State Research/Stuttgart University, and his Ph.D. advisor is the Nobel Prize winner Klaus von Klitzing. Prior to IMECAS, he worked in many prestigious institutions and enterprises including The Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Infineon New York R&D Center of the U.S.A. and GLOBALFOUNDRIES New York R&D Center of the U.S.A. Prof. Wei has long been engaged in the research and development of semiconductor devices, materials and processes in the semiconductor lithography field. He led or participated in various projects from the 180nm to 10nm technology node.

Prof. Wei has published more than 70 technical articles and he holds several patents. Due to his great contribution to 193nm immersion lithography, he was invited to publish the book “Advanced Processes for 193nm Immersion Lithography”, which is widely used as reference and the graduate textbook.

After joining the IMECAS, Prof. Wei presided China’s 02 National Science and Technology Major Project “Development of 300mm Track Device and Lithography Process” (KINGSEMI Co., Ltd) in 2013. His research achievements are widely applied to the domestic mass production process of the FinFET and 3D NAND. Notably, his monograph “Theory and Application of Advanced Lithography for VLSI” was published in 2016.