Dr. John Yuanlin Xie
Director, Packaging Technology Research and Development
Altera Corp., San Jose, CA, USA

Dr. Xie has been with Altera Corporation (San Jose, CA) for 16 years.He leads Packaging Technology Research and Development team at Altera. His responsibilities include interconnect and packaging technology research and development, new product development and introduction, 2.5D/3DIC integration design and manufacturing enablement, strategic supply chain development and strategic customer engagement.

Prior Altera, he was a technology development manager at Prolinx Labs. Corporation (San Jose, CA).

Dr. Xie graduated from Department of Physics, Peking University, and holds a Ph.D. Degree in Physics from Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences and Post-Doctoral from Department of Physics, University of California at Berkeley and Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory. Dr. Xie has 28 published patents; and over 50 academic and technical publications.