Dr. Peter Basa
Deputy Manager of Optical Measurement Technologies Division, Semilab Co. Ltd.

讲师简介 / Speaker Bio

Dr. Péter Basa holds a PhD in physics from the Budapest University of Technology and Economics since 2009. He has a strong background in polarization optics and has a scientific publishing track record including more that 45 peer-reviewed journal publications, most prominently in the field of spectroscopic methods. Dr. Basa is the deputy manager of Semilab Co. Ltd.'s Optical Measurement Technologies Division which consists of approx. 180 development engineers and scientists. The main scope of the division is to develop products fulfilling market requirements for actual optical metrology needs, in-line with the company's marketing strategy. Semilab Co. Ltd. is committed to develop, manufacture and market novel metrology tools for either industrial or academic use, applying measurement principles based on the company's R&D activities, or based on IP acquisitions.