Dr. Zhiliang Xia

Senior Director,
Yangtze Memory Technology Co., Ltd.

Zhiliang Xia is the Senior Director of Yangtze Memory Technology Co., Ltd. He leads the Technology Pathfinding, driving innovation and pushing the boundaries of the intelligent big data era. His expertise lies in an in-depth exploration of the architectural, process, device, and reliability aspects of 3D NAND flash and novel memory technologies. He has an extensive career spanning more than 15 years with deep insights into semiconductors, 3D memory architectures, process technologies, and cutting-edge materials. He holds more than 200 patents in the memory field and has published more than 30 authoritative technical papers. He received the B.S. degree in 2002 and Ph.D. degree in 2007, both from Peking University, Beijing, China. In addition to industrial achievements, he also imparted his knowledge as a doctoral supervisor at the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences. His expertise continues to shape and advance the innovation of the memory technology landscape.