Date: 15:00-16:30, Tuesday, June 14, 2022
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Language: in Chinese

Dr. Jiang Yan
North China University of Technology, China


2017 - present
Dean /Professor/Expert of China Global Expert Recruitment program "Plan 1000"
Electronics Engineering Department
North China University of Technology

2009 – 2017
Institute of Microelectronics of Chinese Academy of Sciences (Beijing, China)
§ Research for 14nm FDSOI
§ Study for 22nm bulk technology
§ Development for 32/28nm technology


  Title:Development of CMOS Integrated Process

Moore's law, main driving force for IC industry, was accomplished mostly by the fast progress of the process technology including unit process, process module, and integrated process. In order to achieve full function and good yield for the IC products, the design of integrated process flow is most critical. In this short course, the development of CMOS integrated process would be reviewed and discussed in the following three parts:
1. Development history of integrated process mainly for CMOS devices;
In last 40 years, integrated processes were forced to make changes to satisfy the requirement from Moore's law by the introduction of the CMP process, HKMG process, Cu process, STI process, low-k process, 3D FinFET device, and stress engineering process, and et al.
2. Most critical issues for integrated process;
The issues include isolation, leakage, drive current, contact resistance, process window, short channel effect, RC delay, and et al.
3. Future of the integrated process.