Dr. Yonggen He

PhD &Vice President of GrandiT Co., Ltd.

Yonggen He graduated from Fudan University in 2002 major in physics & chemistry, then joined Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation (SMIC), R&D center. From 2002 to 2020, he fully involved in SMIC 0.13um, 90nm, 65/55nm, 45/40nm, 28nm, 14nm, N+1/N+2 logic and 38/24 NAND flash, 45/40 PCRAM technology development. He has proven records and expertise in processes of frontend and backend cleaning, rapid thermal annealing, atomic layer deposition, high-k dielectric formation and SiGe epitaxy growth. So far, he has been granted 104 China patents and 13 USA patents in the field of semiconductor processing and integration. He has published 21 papers in journals and international technical conference. In 2017, he was awarded as Shanghai outstanding technology herald by government authorities, and one year later, he won the gold award of the 30th Shanghai invention competition. He joined GrandiT Co. Ltd. in January of 2021 as Vice President of R&D and takes responsibility of development advanced electronic materials, including formulated chemicals, precursors, electronic gases… etc.