Dr. Gerald Yin

Chairman and CEO,

Gerald spent 20 years working in Silicon Valley from 1984 to 2004. He led to develop many successful plasma etchers in the world wide industry which help Lam Research, Applied Materials and Tokyo electronics gaining etch market leader position. He is one of major leaders in plasma etch product development and commercialization. He holds 98 US patents and more than 426 foreign patents.

Dr. Gerald Yin has served as AMEC's chairman and CEO since the company was founded in 2004. After 17 years effort, AMEC becomes one of leading semi high-end equipment company in China,a rising star in the world-wide semi equipment industry with its semi front end plasma etch, advanced deep silicon/MEMS etch and MOCVD products running production at more than 70 wafer fabs, the company went IPO in July 2019. In recent Customer Satisfaction Survey conducted by VSLI Research, an US leading semi marketing company shows that AMEC won the third place among the world semi companies in 2018 and 2019. Together with Intel Chairman and other distinguished semi executives, Dr. Yin was named one of Top 10 "All Stars of International Semiconductor Industry of year 2018" by VLSI Research. In 2020, AMEC was listed as one of "The World's Most Innovative Companies" and Dr. Yin was named "50 Best CEOs in China" by Forbes.

Dr. Yin graduated from Beijing Fourth High School and received BS from University of Science and Technology, China and after 10 years working for Petrochemical industry and Chinese Academy of Sciences, he pursued graduate study in Physical Chemistry at Beijing University. He went to US in 1980 and received Ph. D. in Physical Chemistry from University of California (UCLA).