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  to designate regular talk - 15 min

Sunday, March 17, 2024 Shanghai International Convention Center
Meeting Room: 3rd Floor Yellow River Hall

Session I: In-memory Computing I
Session Chair:
*13:30-13:55 TBD
  Hao Cai, Southeast University
*13:55-14:20 Defect tolerant physics-inspired computing in memristor arrays
  Can Li, University of Hong Kong
14:20-14:35 Multifunctional RRAM Chip with Configurability for Sparsity-aware In-memory Isng Machine
  Wenshuo Yue, Peking University
14:35-14:50 A method of scalable polysilicon resistor by adjusting shielding metal in CMOS process
  Hunjin Lee, X-FAB
14:50-15:05 A 110nm BCD-on-SOI Technology offering Best-In-Class Nonvolatile Memory IP for Automotive Application
  Boon Jiew Chee, X-FAB Sarawak Sdn. Bhd.
15:05-15:20 Coffee Break

Session II: In-memory Computing II
Session Chair:
*15:20-15:45 2D devices and in-sensor computing
  Feng Miao, Nanjing University
*15:45-16:10 SRAM based Compute-in-Memory Circuits Design for CNN and Transformers
  Xin Si, Southeast University
*16:10-16:35 All-dielectric metasurfaces for vortex generation and Detection
  Shumin Xiao, Harbin Institute of Technology
16:35-16:50 Analog Device Engineering and Enhancement in 0.18um BCD on SOI Technology Platform
  Poh Ching Sim, X-FAB Sarawak Sdn. Bhd.
16:50-17:05 Innovative Test Solution Design and Production Practices for Automotive Based on ADVANTEST 93K
  Jibao Fan, Advantest (China) Co., Ltd.

Monday, March 18, 2024 Shanghai International Convention Center
Meeting Room: 3rd Floor Yellow River Hall

Session III: Emerging Computing Technologies
Session Chair:
*08:30-08:55 2D Material Devices for Advanced Computing
  Han Wang, University of Hong Kong
*08:55-09:20 A Full Spectrum of Computing-In-Memory Technologies
  Zhong Sun, Peking University
09:20-09:35 Inflection Points in CFET Scaling: Impact of DTCO Boosters
  Dmitry Yakimets, Huawei Technologies R&D Belgium
09:35-09:50 Ultrathin TiO2 channel HfLaO FeFET with Low Operation Voltage
  Xujin Song, Peking University
09:50-10:05 Coffee Break

Session IV: Memory Devices I
Session Chair:
*10:05-10:30 Enhance Chip Connectivity and Functionality through RRAM-based Monolithic 3D Integration
  Jianshi Tang, Tsinghua University
*10:30-10:55 Single Element Switch
  Min Zhu, Shanghai Institute of Microsystem and Information Technology
10:55-11:10 First Principle Study on Oxygen Vacancy Induced Ferroelectricity in HfO2-based ferroelectrics
  Chenxi Yu, Peking University
11:10-11:25 Low Frequency Noise and Hot Carrier Degradation Characteristics on 55nm LP Platform
  Gang Wang, Hangzhou HFC Semiconductor Corporation
11:25-13:00 Lunch Break

Session V: Emerging Devices
Session Chair:
13:00-13:15 A Novel Ultralow Voltage Slope Device
  Pengtao Li, Zhejiang University
13:15-13:30 Experimental Investigation of Polarization Switching Speed in Ferroelectric HfO2 for High-Speed and Low-Power Applications
  Hao Zheng, Peking University
13:30-13:45 A Novel Hybrid-Channel Gate-All-Around Nanosheet Transistor For Leakage Control And Subthreshold Slope Reduction
  Yumin Xu, Fudan University
13:45-14:00 Investigation of Self-Heating Effect on Forksheet Field-Effect Transistors
  Pan Zhao, Peking University
14:00-14:15 Coffee Break

Session VI: Memory Devices II
Session Chair:
*14:15-14:40 High endurance field-effect transistor memory based on Hafnium-oxide ferroelectrics
  Kechao Tang, Peking University
14:40-14:55 Interface Treatment of Epitaxial Si FinFET Channel in Replace Metal Gate with Simultaneously Performance Improvement and Leakage Reduction
  Renjie Jiang, Institute of Microelectronics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences
14:55-15:10 Experimental Investigation on the Back Gate Modulation of Extra-Thin Body pMOSFETs
  Rui Su, Zhejiang University
15:10-15:25 Impact Of Thickness Dependent Ferroelectric And Interface Charge Variation On Device-To-Device Variation In Ferroelectric FET
  Fan Zhang, Xidian University/ IMECAS
Poster Session:
  Yield Improvement in 4X Node Technology ETOX NOR-flash by Optimizing Control Gate Related Process and Design
  Yihang Du, Huahong Semiconductor (WUXI) Limited
  Machine Learning-based Performance Prediction Model Optimization for SOI LDMOS Using Adaptive Small Space Dataset
  Jinwen You, Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications
  HBM Device Test & Repair Solution on T5833
  Xiang Ling, Advantest (China) Co., Ltd.
  Zhaozhao Xu, Huahong Semiconductor (Wuxi) Limited
  Short-Loop Method to Shorten Gate Process Characterization Cycle Time
  Bing Li, HangZhou HFC Semiconductor Corp.
  Enhancement of SRAM Read and Write Noise Margin by Device Performance Adjustment
  Ailin Li, Semiconductor Manufacturing North China (Beijing) Corporation (SMNC)
  Yintong Zhang, Huahong Semiconductor (Wuxi) Limited
  STI Gap-Filling Performance Improvement by the Process Integration Optimization in the 4Xnm ETOX Nor Flash
  Zhuangzhuang Wang, Hua Hong Semiconductor (Wuxi) Limited
  Breakdown Voltage Improvement of LDMOS by CESL Optimization in High-Voltage 90 nm BCD Technology
  Ye Tian, Huahong Semiconductor (Wuxi) Limited
  Research on the substitution of MIM capacitors and MOM capacitors on power devices
  Wenwu Zhu, Huahong Semiconductor(Wuxi)
  HAOQI ZHENG, Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation
  HAOQI ZHENG, Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation
  Anomalous Hot carrier injection induced degradation of drain current in HVMOS with STI
  Bocheng Zhao, Shanghai University
  Bulk Bias, Size and Process Parameters Related Optimization of Isub in HVMOS with STI
  Bocheng Zhao, Shanghai University
  The Effect of Depth, Air Gap Width and Ion Implant on Deep Trench Isolation for BCD Technology
  Chen Chen, Huahong Wuxi Semiconductor Manufactory Co., Ltd.
  A new method for improving 8V ESD performance
  Chuang Wang, Shanghai Huali Microelectronics Corporation
  Fabrication of Three-Side-Around Control Gate of Semi-Floating Gate Transistor
  Shiling Yang, Shanghai Huali Integrated Circuit Corporation
  Threshold Voltage Mismatch Dependence of SRAM Yield Window Simulation
  Chun-Hsiung Wang, HFC Semiconductor
  Optimization of the 8T SRAM bitcell design
  Lu-Ping Wu, HFC Semiconductor
  SRAM Device Threshold Voltage Mismatch Investigation and Improvement
  Chun-Hsiung Wang, HFC Semiconductor
  Effect of lightly doped drain doping on variability for static random-access memory
  Qiao Teng, Zhejiang University
  Improvement of NLDMOS Performance in Low-Resistivity Substrate for Integration with Discrete Power Devices on One Chip
  Yuncong Chen, HuaHong Grace Semiconductor Manufacturing Corporation
  A photoelectric memristive devices for Artificial visual perception
  Xuemeng Fan, Zhejiang University
  Al2O3/AlOx Memristor with Nearly Ideal Synaptic Characteristics
  Qian He, Zhejiang University
  Two-Dimensional MoS2 Based Memristors For Artificial Neural Network
  Hailiang Wang, Zhejiang University
  A Novel RRAM-Based TCAM Search Array
  Zhen Wang, Zhejiang University
  Static leakage failure analysis and improvement for small size SRAM
  Minghui Zhu, Shanghai Huali Microelectronics Corporation
  The Modeling and optimization of the Polysilicon Gate Line Width Roughness for Improving the Performance of 55nm CMOS devices
  Yaoting Wang, Zhejiang University
  Hot-Carrier-Induced Degradations and Optimizations for Lateral DMOS Transistor with Shallow Trench Isolation and Step Oxide Improvement
  Zhibo Liu, Huahong Wuxi Semiconductor Manufactory
  Virtual Fab Semiconductor Process Modeling Augmented Vertical Gate All Around Complementary FET based 6T SRAM path-finding
  Zhaohai Di, Institute of Microelectronics, Chinese Academy of Sciences
  Novel Memtransistor-based LIF Neuron with Tunable Ionic Dynamics for Spiking Neural Networks
  Zhen Yang, Peking University
  Ultra-low operating voltage RRAM devices regulated by nitride insertion layers
  Zijian Wang, Zhejiang university
  New Insight into Impacts from Read Cycle Number and Voltage Sweeping Direction on Memory Window of Ferroelectric FET
  Chang Su, Peking University
  IGZO-Ta2O5 Dual-layer CBRRAM: A Low Voltage and High Switching Ratio Storage Solution
  Shengpeng Xing, Zhejiang University
  The Optimization of the specific on-resistance of the VDMOS on the integrated platform of VDMOS and LDMOS
  Xiaoqing Cai, HuaHong Grace Semiconductor Manufacturing Corporation
  Dempsey Deng, Lam Research
  Benefits of Applied VSE High Current Implanters for White Pixel Reduction in Image Sensors
  Shasha Wang, Applied Materials
  Leakage Reduction Evolution With Gate Oxide Scaling
  Yongchun Xuan, Applied Materials
  Cost Effective Low Temperature Annealing Achieved by Producer Pyra
  Yang Liu, Applied Materials
  Advanced Ion Implanter with Metal Reduction Kit (MRK) for CIS White Pixel Improvement
  Kui Shi, Applied Materials
  Device performance (leakage & Rc) improvement by Trident XP CrionTM
  Yuhang Jin, Applied Materials
  Effective Tuning Knobs for High Current Implant Uniformity Optimization
  Jinsong Lin, Applied Materials
  Trident N/C co-implant for LDD dopant diffusion control
  Zuoliang Han, Applied Materials
  Solution-Processed Organic CMOS Inverter Via Contact Modulation
  Jiarong Cao, Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications
  Ultra-Short Channel Polymer Transistors
  Zhiqi Xu, Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications
  Exploring Low-Frequency Noise Behavior in Vertically Structured Organic Schottky Photodiodes
  Tingting Ji, Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications
  Flexible Low-Voltage, Hysteresis-Free Ferroelectric Polymer Transistors
  Yao Yu, Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications
  A comprehensive solution to parse, compare, convert, and compile TST pattern
  Weilong Li, Teradyne
  A Novel Approach for Doping Two-Dimensional MoS2 Materials: ZnO Polar Interfacial Charge Transfer Method
  Lijun Xu, Institute for Microelectronics, Chinese Academy of Science
  Calculation Method of Target Erosion in the Planar DC Magnetron Sputtering
  Jihua Ding, Beijing NAURA Microelectronics Equipment Co., Ltd.