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Session I: Agile Design for Advanced Ics

*Interesting technical challenges in FPGA-based prototyping and emulation (11:00-11:35, June 17, Microsoft Teams Meeting)
Pei-Hsin Ho, Shanghai UniVista Industrial Software Group
*Agile Hardware Specialization for Spatial Architecture (14:00-14:30, June 17, Microsoft Teams Meeting)
Yun Liang, Peking University
*Algorithm and architecture co-optimization for PIM-based DNN accelerators (14:30-15:00, June 17, Microsoft Teams Meeting)
Li Jiang, Shanghai Jiaotong University
Using Mixed Logic Synthesis Tools in Open-Source FPGA Design Framework
Liangtao Shi, Ningbo University

Session II: Analog Design Automation

*Topology Optimization of Analog Circuits via Graph Embedding
Fan Yang, Fudan University
*Capacitance Extraction: From Random Walk to Machine Learning
Wenjian Yu, Tsinghua University
*Design-for-Recovery Techniques for Combating Chip Aging Issues
Xinfei Guo, University of Michigan – Shanghai Jiao Tong University Joint Institute

Session III: Perspective and Frontier of EDA

**Agile and Intelligent Design Automation for Digital/Analog/Mixed-Signal Ics
David Pan, University of Texas at Austin(UT Austin)
*Analytical Optimization Method for VLSI Global Placement
Weijie Chen, Fudan University
*Dynamic stochastic computing and its applications
Siting Liu, Shanghai Tech University
*Area-aware optimization of XOR-AND Graph based on Reed-Muller logic expansion
Hongwei Zhou, Ningbo University

Session IV: Design Perspective from Industry

*How to design SSD controller for Enterprise & Datacenter
Dawei Wu, YEESTOR Microelectronics Co., Ltd
*Research on key technologies of ultra-high speed data transmission in Big Data Era
Zhi-Qiang Guan, Suzhou Chiptel Microelectronics Co., Ltd
*A Survey of Domain Specific Architecture Innovations in AI Chip Industry
Gongyifan Yang, CLTech

SESSION V: Design for Energy Efficiency

**Polynomial Formal Verification of General Tree-like Circuits (13:30-14:00, June 17, Microsoft Teams Meeting)
Alireza Mahzoon, University of Bremen
*Graph Neural Networks and Reinforcement Learning in EDA
Cong Hao, Georgia Institute of Technology
*Towards Independent On-Device AI: Inference without Battery and Learning without Labels
Jingtong Hu, University of Pittsburgh
A FPGA-Based Verification Platform for High-Speed Interface Ips
C.-Z. Chen, Zhejiang University

Session VI: Low Power Design and Design Methodology

*Hybrid Memristor/CMOS neuromorphic circuits
Peng Lin, Zhejiang University
Automatic placement algorithm of integrated circuits for wire bond packaging application
Haochen Wang, Fudan University
Integrated Superconducting Isolator-Circulator-Isolator Device
Rutian Huang, Tsinghua University

Poster Session:

A Gaussian Process and Multi-Swarm optimizer Assisted Optimization Approach for Analog Circuit Design
Xu Fu, Fudan University
Design based on simplified Doherty power amplifier with harmonic control
Hao Zhou, Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications
An Approximating Twiddle Factor Coefficient Based Multiplier for Fixed-Point FFT
Songyu Sun, Zhejiang University
Fast Dynamic IR Drop Prediction with Machine Learning
Xiao Dong, Zhejiang University
A Fast Timing Analysis and Optimization for Latch-based Circuits
Kaixiang Zhu, Fudan University
A Transient-Improved spike time reduction circuit for LDO
ZongYuan Zheng, School of Electronic and Computer Engineering, Peking University Shenzhen Graduate School
Rule Check of Pad Placement in IC Layout with Yolo V3
Tao Su, Sun Yat-sen University
Study on Optimization Design Method of QCA-Based Circuit
Lei Wang, Space Engineering University
Bayesian Inference-based Error Computation for Approximate Computing
Weihua Xiao, Shanghai Jiao Tong University