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Session I: Metrology I

Opening Remarks
Peilin Song
**Optical Overlay Metrology Trends in Advanced Nodes
Efi Megged, KLA
Study on Weighted Binary Classifier with Imbalanced SEM defect Data
Hairong Lei, ASM
Advanced Modeling Techniques Expand Applications of Picosecond Laser Acoustics for RF Process Monitoring
Johnny Dai, Onto Innovation Inc., USA
All side optical chipping and crack inspection of dice in a die attach machine at high throughput
Norbert Ackerl, Besi Switzerland AG

Session II: Metrology II

*Machine Learning Enhanced Optical Metrology
Dror Shafir, Nova LTD, USA
*Advanced Applications of Picosecond Ultrasonic Technology in Semiconductor Manufacturing
Cheolkyu Kim, Onto Innovation Inc.
*Review of micro- and nanoprobe metrology for direct electrical measurements on-product wafers
Benny Guralnik, KLA, Denmark
*Advanced metrology techniques for MRAM production monitoring
Alberto Cagliani, KLA, Denmark

Session III: Test

*Faster Fault Isolation with Advanced Data Analysis and Computer Vision
Franco Stellari, IBM Research, USA
High inheritability and flexibility SmartTest8 TestMethod library on ultra-high-speed SerDes measurement
Jiaying Xiang, Advantest (China) Co., Ltd.
Best practices of extreme using 93K FVI16 and AVI64 to test automotive power system basis chip
Kai Kang, Advantest (China) Co., Ltd.
An Industry Example to Reduce the Test Time by Optimizing Data Extraction Method
Xiaofeng Liang, NXP semiconductor (China) Ltd.

Session IV: Test and Process Control

The flexible and inheritable SMT7 solution for High-Speed DDR PHY IP with IJTAG
Yichen Xiao, Advantest (China) Co., Ltd.
An ATE solution for high-performance AD/DA convertor
Qin Feng, Advantest (China) Co., Ltd.
George W. Horn, Middlesex Industries SA, Switzerland

SESSION V: Reliability

**Recent Advances in Statistical Modelling Methodology Development for ReRAM Applications
Ernest Wu, IBM Research, USA
Study on Stress Migration of FCQFN Package with unbalanced arrangement of bumps
Shuanshe Chao, ZTE Corporation
Machine Learning Based Aging Critical Path Selection
Jiadong Yao, Sanechips Technology Co., Ltd.

Session VI: Reliability and Root Cause Analysis

Digital Defect Traceability across Sapphire Processing: Case Study on Micro-LED Chain
Ivan Orlov, Scientific Visual SA, Switzerland
Research on Reliability Optimization Mechanism of 28HKMG Technology
Weiwei Ma, Shanghai Huali Integrated Circuit Corporation

Poster Session:

I3C Protocol Testing of Sensor Interface on the Advantest V93000 Tester
Kaitao Liu, Advantest
Effective usage of Attenuators on Production Test
Hao Chen, Advantest
MCU+ Test Solution on V93000 SmartTest8
Tianyu Zhang, Advantest
Conditionally executed tests, branching and algorithmic binning - Getting it right
Lai-Choon Chan, Teradyne Inc
Study of Negative Charge Accumulation Mechanism and Removal Method on the Wafer Surface in Via Photo Development Process
Haihua Chen, Shanghai IC R&D Center
14 Bits current DAC testing with 16 Bits instruments
Luffy Jin, Teradyne
A Neural Network Approach to Analyze FDC Data in Semiconductor Manufacture
Wei Yu, Shanghai Huali microelectronics corporation
Impact of Hot-Carrier Degradation Due to Moisture Diffusion Based on 0.153um CMOS
Zhengyu Lin, Southeast University
A Voltage Screen Model and Method for Early Failure Screening
Wen Ying, Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation
Study and Improvement on measurement accuracy of Image Based Overlay
Zhi-Feng Gan, Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation
Tiny SADP Defect Detection and Reduction for 19nm Nand Flash Technology Semiconductor Manufacturing Engineering
QiuFeng Cao, Shanghai Huali Microelectronics Corporation
Optimization of ESD diode design for RF Applications in FinFET Technology
Mingxin Zhou, Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation
Different Module's Process Affect to Poly Pattern Etch Stick Particle
Jiayi Fu, Shanghai Huali Microelectronics Corporation
Classification of Wafer Backside Images via FasterRcnn-Based Neural Network
Junjun Zhuang, Shanghai Huali Microelectronics Corporation
WAT Throughput Improved by Algorithm Optimization
Tong Chen, Shanghai Huali Microelectronics Corporation
Anomaly detection of semiconductor processing data based on DTW and LOF algorithm
Wang Yong, Shanghai Huali Microelectronics Corporation
Reason Forecast with BERT on Test Result Alarm in Semiconductor Fab
Meng Xue, Shanghai Huali Microelectronics Corporation
The study of method to improve defect scan sensitivity post dummy poly remove in 14nm node
Xingdi Zhang, Shanghai Huali Integrated Circuit Corporation
Virtual Metrology of WAT value with Machine Learning Based Method
Tao Zhou, Shanghai IC R&D Center
Hybrid Solutions for Root Cause Tracing of Random Alarm on Etch Tool
Xuling Diao, Shanghai IC R&D Center
Reliability Study of 3D-TGV Vertical Interconnection
Jin Zhao, Beijing University of Technology
The type and solution of inline poly residue defect for 28 HK process improvement
Min Wang, Shanghai Huali Microelectronics Corporation
Study of the degradation in LDMOS with STI technology and improve the reliability with several methods
Xiaoming Zhang, HuaHong Grace Semiconductor Manufacturing Corporation