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Joint Session: Lithograpy/Etch joint session (Symposium II & Symposium III)
Session Chairs: Leo Pang (D2S) / Ying Zhang (Naura)

Opening Remarks
Leo Pang, Ying Zhang
**The fast changing and advancing scaling technique and potential device infrastructure
David Xiao, Shanghai Integrated Circuit Research and Develop (ICRD) Center
**3D NAND Technology Cost Scaling Challenges and Solutions
Richard Yang, Fortune Precision Equipment, China
**Role of underlayers in novel patterning for EUV lithography
Doughlas Guerrero, Brewer Science, Inc.
**Considerations in seting up industry standards for photolithography process, historical perspectives, methologies, and outlook
Wu Qiang, Fudan University

Session II: Lithography Materials
Session Chairs: Zhimin Zhu (Intel) / Xiaoming Ma(Runbang)

*Recent Aadvances in Extreme Ultravoliet Photoresists
Guoqiang Yang, Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences / University of Chinese Academy of Sciences
The status of stochastic issues - Photon stochastic and Chemical Stochastic -
*Advanced Lithography Material Status toward 5nm Node and beyond (9:30-10:00, June 16, Microsoft Teams Meeting)
Koichi FUJIWARA, JSR Shanghai

Session III: Process and Simulation
Session Chairs: Yuyang Sun (Mentor) /Da Yang (TEL)

*Thickness Dependence of Properties of EUV Underlayer Thin Films
Jae Hwan Sim, DuPont Electronics and Industrial
*Process window, and process optimization in both Low and High NA EUV lithography for advanced logic technologies nodes
Yanli Li, Fudan University
A Study of Improved Design Rules through Allowing 45-degree Metal Lines
Xianhe Liu, Fudan University
*Critical pattern selection for full chip SMO application
Sikun Li, Shanghai Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics

Session IV: Computational Lithography
Session Chairs: Ken Wu (ICRD) /Yayi Wei (IME)

*Machine Learning Post Lithography Resist 3D Structure Model For Full Chip Implementation
Xuelong Shi, Shanghai ICR&D Center
**Inverse lithography technology: 30 years from concept to practical, full-chip reality (9:00-9:30, June 16, Microsoft Teams Meeting)
Leo Pang, D2S, Inc.
*Gan-based fast mask near-field calculation
Yijiang Shen, Guangdong University of Technology
*Model-driven Deep Learning for Computational Lithography
Xu Ma, Beijing Institute of Technology

SESSION V: Next Generation Lithography
Session Chairs: Wei-Min Gao (ASML) / Imai-san (Mitokogyo)

**Update of >300W High Power LPP-EUV Source Challenge IV for Semiconductor HVM
Hakaru Mizoguchi, Gigaphoton
*EPE and CD performance enhancement by “GT66A”, the next-generation immersion ArF lightsource
Takamitsu Komaki, Gigaphoton
**Nanoimprint Lithography Methods for Achieving sub-3nm Overlay
Keita Sakai, Cannon
*KrF Multi-Focal Imaging system for advanced and legacy applications
Will Conley, ASML

Session VI: mask, inspection, overlay, and metrology equipment
Session Chairs: Shiyuan Liu (HUST) / Chris Progler (Photronics)

*Critical dimension metrology: from optical critical dimension (OCD) to X-ray critical dimension (XCD)
Xiuguo Chen, Huazhong University of Science and Technology
*A new generation cost-efficient laser mask writer, addressable up to the 90nm node
Youngjin Park, Mycronic Co., Ltd.
EUV vacuum system safety while maximizing process productivity
Zhen Ma, Edwards
Kan Zhou, Shanghai Huali Microelectronics Corporation (HLMC)
*Patterning capability of surface plasmon imaging
Lihong Liu, Institute of Microelectronics, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Poster Session:

Utilizing Bossung Plot to calibrate OPC optical model
Jian Wang, Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation
CD-SEM contour extraction for complex features measurement
Ting He, Semiconductor Manufacturing International (Shanghai) Corporation
New model-rules-hybrid sbar placement strategy for 2D pattern
Ge Zhang, Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation
Simulation-based source and mask optimization for advanced nodes
Lianbo Luo, Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation, Shanghai
Process Window Integration Rule Check for BEOL in Advanced Tech Node
Xiaoyan Wang, Semiconductor Manufacturing International (Shanghai) Corporation
Kissing corner rounding improvement by special OPC
JIAO YUAN, Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation (SMIC)
Effect of high energy implantation on the photoresist for smaller size CMOS image sensor
Chen Hui, Shanghai Huali Microelectronics Corporation
Mudan Wang, Shanghai Huali Integrated Circuit Corporation
Stitching Process Development on 300mm Wafer CMOS BEOL for High Performance Chip Application
Xiaoxu Kang, Shanghai ICR&D Center
Alignment Mark Design and Evaluation for RDL and Cover layers using ASML Scanner
Yuhui Li, Shanghai Huali Integrated Circuit Corporation
Study on Feed-forward Overlay Control for Immersion Lithography
Guoping Liu, Shanghai Huali Integrated Circuit Corporation
Impact of Fin Cut Dimension and Density on Fin CD Uniformity
Min Jia, Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation (SMIC)