Dr. Tianniu (Rick) Chen 陳天牛
Head of Semiconductor Materials, Performance Materials division, Merck

个人简介 / Biography

Dr. Tianniu (Rick) Chen is the head of Semiconductor materials of MERCK in China and managing director of VERSUM MATERIALS (SHANGHAI) CO., LTD, China, a business of MERCK. He is based out of Shanghai in People’s Republic of China (PRC) now. Prior to his current appointment at MERCK, Rick was a general manager of global SP&C (Surface Preparation & Cleans) SBU (Sub Business Unit) of former Versum Materials since 2016 and held positions as a global business technology manager and the global business marketing director and in EMD (Electronics Materials Division) of APCI (Air Products and Chemicals) since 2014. Right before joining APCI, Rick was the manager of a global R&D team at the former Hi-tech division of Sigma Aldrich, now a part of Merck KGaA. Before that, Rick held a variety of technical and managerial positions in global R&D organizations at former Advanced Technology Materials, Inc. (ATMI), now a part of Entegris.

Rick received his B.S. in organic chemistry and M.S. in super-molecular chemistry both from Nanjing University in P. R. China. Rick then went on to receive his PhD in Organometallic/Materials Chemistry from the University of Tennessee (Knoxville) in the U.S. In addition, Rick is the author of more than forty peer-reviewed publications and the inventor of over twenty issued patents. Furthermore, Rick has been the invited reviewers for Materials Chemistry and Physics, & Microelectronic Engineering, both of which are Elsevier Journals. In addition, Rick has served in the SEMI materials committee in Taiwan since 2016 and SPCC (Surface Preparation and Cleaning Conference) technical committee since 2018.

摘要 / Abstract

The HIT (Heterogeneous Integration Technology) has evolved into one of major packaging platforms accelerating the proliferation of 5G technology, which is one of the underlining driving forces of an explosion of data collection, storage & analysis these days. And enabling materials of such advanced packaging processes including patterning materials such as TFRs (Thick Film Resists), wet cleaning solutions of them, spin-on coated dielectrics and interconnecting materials such as conductive paste will be discussed together with their targeted applications.