Dr. David Xiao

He received his Bachelor in 1987 in Physics, and Ph.D. in 1996 in Physical Chemistry & Nonlinear Optics from Jilin University, China. His career path crosses foundries manufacturing & edge-cutting technology development, and device architecture exploration,

1996 - 2006 (academic activities): Postdoctoral research engaged in the fields of, wide bandgap carbon-family materials & organic magnet (Institute of Physics, CAS, Beijing), the preparation of wide bandgap materials and its crystallinity-dependent electrical characterization (JST, NIRIM, Japan), amorphous optical film (NTU), single-walled carbon nanotube, and simulation on molecular devices (NUS, Singapore)
2006 - 2015: Member of Technical Staff, Process development and integration (Chartered Semiconductor, Singapore) at IBM JDA (East Fishkill, USA), and GF (Malta & Albany, USA) respectively on the edge-cutting technology development of VLSI.
2016 - 2018: Technical director in SMIC (Shanghai) ATD, managed the departments of RMG & MOL, HOL, chaired the Process-change-review-board (PCRB), and co-chaired the Advanced Patterning Platform.
2018 - 2021: Program manager at IMEC (Leuven, Belgium) on the mask tape-out of frontier technologies of logic circuit.
2021/11 - 2023/4: Lab Chief Technical Expert of New Material & Device at ICRD, led the program to explore the key modules for further boosts to device performance, and fit it into mini-line.