New technology release conference

Date: Saturday, June 27, 2020
Time: 10:30-16:00
Venue: New Tech Stage, Hall E7, Shanghai New International Expo Centre

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As the world's fastest-growing and most dynamic microelectronics market, SEMICON China attracts more than 1,100 exhibitors including major equipment and materials companies, packaging and testing companies. It also gathers technology elites and business leaders from all over the world to discuss hot spots and trends of industry and find partners.

Due to non-market factors such as memory market adjustments and trade wars, the entire industry lacks sustainable momentum and experiences a slight recession. On the other hand, emerging industry has found new paths for enterprise development, such as 5G+AI, IoT, New Energy, etc. Domestic and foreign manufacturers are unanimously making conservative investments and accelerating technological innovation.

“New Technology Release Conference” provides exhibitors with the latest product launch platform, extending from the forum to the booth, from online to offline, from the first release to the introduction of market. So, it is a highlight of SEMICON China.

The key to development of integrated circuit industry lies in innovation, talents, technology, capital and market. Leading technology is the key to business success. In this forum that gathers world's first technology, you can deal with people from different countries, different cultural backgrounds, different modes of thinking and generate a new industry perspective. At the same time, “New Technology Release Conference” forum is seamlessly connected with media. In forum, speakers can get best opportunity form media to promote new products. Media can also get first-hand information of new products and push them in time. Excellent products will also attract capital.




Agenda / 议程
09:55-10:00 Registration 来宾登记
Theme: packaging and test technology
Moderator / 主持人
Ivan Huang 黄光锋
Executive Director, GP Capital
Application of Collective D2W and W2W hybrid bonding for 3D IC
集成式混式键合技术在3D IC中的应用

Max.Cai 蔡维伽
Specialist Bonder Equipment, SUSS MicroTec (Shanghai) Co., Ltd
苏斯中国, 键合设备技术专家

Thin film and Ebeam products release
Jun Ma 马骏
General Manager, Shanghai Precision Measurement Semiconductor Technology, Inc
SiP & MEMS Solutions for 5G IoT Technology
面向物联网的SIP和MEMS Sensor 封装发展

Yupeng Xu 徐玉鹏
CTO, Forehope Electronic (Ningbo) Co., Ltd
Opportunities and Challenges for Heterogeneous Integration
Derek 张迪
Business Development Manager, ASM Pacific Technology Limited
ASM Pacific Technology Limited, 商务拓展经理
The Key Domestic Equipment of IC Advanced Packaging in CETC

Lezhi Ye 叶乐志
12:05-13:30 Break 休息(午餐自理)
Theme:wafer manufacturing and materials technology
Moderator / 主持人
Richard Qian 钱立群
Sputter Technology for Low-Damage Thin-Film deposition on GaN

Yuan Lu 陆原
Technical Marketing Manager, Evatec China Ltd
PCC Machine Module Intelligent Production Solution

Haijun Chen 陈海俊
Industry Manager for Smart Factory ,Guangzhou MediaComm Technology Co., Ltd.
Perkin Elmer 化学高分辨多重四极杆ICP-MS助力半导体工业无机元素检测
Min Zhu 朱敏
PerkinElmer, 高级产品经理
Cutting-edge Wire Bonding Technology for LED, Power Model and TO Packaging
最新焊线技术助力LED、功率模块,汽车电子模块与TO 封装

Calvin Fan 范凯
Kulilcke & Soffa, 资深技术方案经理
NAURA solutions for 300mm metal etch process
Yahui Huang 黄亚辉
NAURA, 副总裁
* Agenda and guests may be updated without notice.
* 议程变化恕不另行通知

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