Jun Ma 马骏
General Manager, Shanghai Precision Measurement Semiconductor Technology, Inc

摘要 / Abstract

Here we would announce two new tools which were developed by PMISH in 2019: EFILM300SS/DS® standalone film thickness measurement system, and the PangoTM Lab SEM tool which is upgradeable into a FIB-SEM DualBeam system.

PMISH’s first integrated film thickness measurement system EFILM300IM® has been qualified by more than one semiconductor industry customers last year and we got repeat order from one important customer in Jan of this year. The new standalone tool EFILM300SS/DS® announced here has higher repeatability up to 1‰, and the accuracy at the same level. The throughput of single-Foup SS system is 80 WPH for patterned wafers, and the specs of double-FOUP DS type could reach 150 WPH under the same condition.

PangoTM is the first DualBeam platform indigenously developed by a Chinese company, which can be equipped with both a SEM column and a FIB column. PangoTM SEM is equipped with a thermal field emission cathode and high performance low kV imaging systems. It is an effective tool for semiconductor industry and material science research, and later can be fitted with a FIB column for micromachining, circuit editing and TEM sample preparation.