Smart Manufacturing Forum

Date: Thursday, March 18, 2021
Time: 13:00-16:45
Venue: New Tech Stage, Hall E7, Shanghai New International Expo Centre

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While the electronics sector is already well experienced with automation and data analysis to improve yields and reduce costs, the current increase in the complexity of manufacturing processes, the improvements in sophisticated data management tools, and the increasingly inter-related value chain are now creating new opportunities for significantly improving performance, but also new challenges in putting all the parts together.

The semiconductor industry is a proactive front-runner when it comes to implementation of all aspects of smart manufacturing in a fast-changing, highly competitive and innovative industry environment where innovation, collaboration and cross-industry development is key. We will look at the future vision for smart manufacturing across our industry, the key challenges to get there, the practicalities and solution of digital enterprise platform,big data analytics and Artificial Intelligence, for the benefit of all.

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Agenda / 议程
13:00-13:15 Registration 来宾登记
Lewis Liu 刘立聪
China Country Manager, Cimetrix Software
矽美科软件(上海)有限公司 中国区总经理
Welcome Speech
Dr. Jiazhen Zheng 郑加镇
Chairman, GCLSemi
Factory Digitalization Upgrades Semiconductor Assembly and Manufacturing

Rosy Wang 王慧卉
JCET VP of Project Planning
长电科技 项目规划 副总裁
Integration of Predictive Functions in Advanced Process Control (APC) for Zero Defects Manufacturing

Albert Qiu 邱晓伟
Engineering Head, Applied Materials,  Automation Products
工程主管, 应用材料公司, 自动化产品部
Driving industrial transformations through "AI based smart manufacturing systems (AISMS)

Jie LI 李杰
首席执行官, 埃克斯工业(广东)有限公司
Trace data-driven Smart Manufacturing in Semiconductor
Trace Data驱动的半导体智能制造

Feng Wang 汪锋
China Vice President, BISTel, Inc.
中国区副总裁, 深圳市比思特软件有限公司
Smart Manufacturing Solutions for Semiconductor Industry

Steven Liu 刘成钢
Vice President, SEMI-TECH
All scenario AI helps build intelligent manufacturing
全场景人工智能 助力构建智能制造

Daniel Ai 艾小平
Semiconductor Electronics Solution Director , HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO., LTD.
半导体电子行业解决方案总监, 华为技术有限公司
Entrepreneurial Road to Create the World's First-class Semiconductor Intelligent Manufacturing Software CIM/MES
创业路漫漫:打造国际一流的半导体智能制造软件 CIM/MES

Lingzhi Lu 吕凌志
Chairman & CEO, FA Software (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
董事长兼首席执行官, 上扬软件(上海)有限公司
16:15-16:20 Luck Draw 观众抽奖 (Apple iPad mini; Kindle)
16:20-16:45 FA Software's 20th Anniversary Celebration 上扬软件20周年感恩庆典
Luck Draw
幸运抽奖 (大奖:华为手机 Mate 40 Pro ; 幸运奖:米物甄妙氮化镓快速充电器 * 6个)