1. We understand that 3D heterogeneous integration will help extend Moore's law from systems' perspective. Will it be a short-term boost or continuous enhancement node after node?

2. What are the key features for 3D and Advance Packaging Integration, TSV pitch, Chip Layers, etc? How small these critical pitches can go and is there a trend like Moore's law to follow?

3. 3D package vs. 3D sequential integration comparison in terms of thermal budgets, performance, power management, etc.

4. What are the impacts of the 3D and Advance Packaging Integration to the existing OSAT business and supply chains? What are the major opportunities for the existing OSAT business?


Topic: System Integration through 3D and Advanced Packaging

Moderator: Dr.Steve X. Liang




Dr. Doug Yu
Vice President, R&D, TSMC
Dr. Ravi Mahajan
Fellow, Intel
Dr. Bill Bottoms