Dr. Doug Yu

Vice President

Dr. Yu is a Vice President of TSMC R&D, responsible for the development of advanced Integrated Interconnect & Packaging technologies. He has been in charge of on-chip interconnects (Cu/Low-K and Cu/ELK), and wafer-level system integration (WLSI technologies including CoWoS®, InFO and SoICTM, etc.) technology developments. These technologies set new technology standards and start new trend for semiconductor industry both in Moore’s Law and More-than-Moore era. Dr. Yu has also proposed a new semiconductor business model, system integration foundry, for the industry.

Doug worked with AT&T Bell Labs previously. He received his Ph.D. in Materials Engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology.

Dr. Yu is an IEEE Fellow in recognition of his leadership in IC interconnect technology development. He was awarded President Science Prize, the highest science honor in Taiwan. Doug has been granted 950+ US patents. He has over 150 technical publications with numerous plenary, keynote and invited speeches in leading international conferences, in addition to several semiconductor book chapters.