Advanced Manufacturing Forum

Date: Thursday, March 21, 2019
Venue: Pudong Ballroom 1+2+3, Kerry Hotel Pudong, Shanghai

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Catalyzed by the market outlook, policy and the national fund, heat on Semiconductor industry continuously accumulate. There are many 12inch Fabs planned for the next 5 years, OSAT is expending accordingly. It is easy to build factory but difficult to make it strong and profitable. How the China Semiconductor manufacturing industry is going to enhance the core competency? How to prioritize resource, re-visit the business model, and cooperate within the ecosystem?

The high-end market is occupied by 7nm, 10nm, 14/16nm, however, 28/40nm provide most revenue to TSMC. Meanwhile, UMC and GF has abandoned the 14nm and above process development. So for Fabless, FAB, Equipment and material companies, how to make balance between the cost and performance to countinue their owner advance manufacturing development.


Agenda / 议程
Moderator / 主持人:
Adam He Ph.D 何新宇 博士
Executive Director, CGP Tech Fund
The Strategic Partner of Semiconductor Industry

Peijun Ding 丁培军
President, NAURA
Advanced Manufacturing Drives the Technology Innovation

Chris Shao 邵华
HLMC, 研发副总裁
Addressing the Resurgence of 200 mm and ≥28 nm, 300 mm Capacity Demand Through Technical Innovation and Improvements in Capital Efficiency
David Haynes
Senior Director of Strategic Marketing, CSBG, Lam Research Corp.
Design For 5G Baseband Chip In Advanced Process Technology
Lin Wu, Ph.D 吴琳博士
Senior ASIC Design Director, UNISOC, Tsinghua UniGroup
Innovation in Semiconductor Manufacturing with Intelligent Control
Toshihiko Nishigaki
VP & General Manager, Corporate Innovation Division, Tokyo Electron Ltd.
Closing Keynote
Technology Success via Innovations

Weiran Kong 孔蔚然
HHGrace, EVP
11:50-12:00 Lucky Draw, Sponsored by PhiChem Materials (Mate 20 Pro)
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