Smart Manufacturing in Semiconductor

Date: Firday, March 25, 2021
Time: 09:30-12:15
Venue: Grand Shanghai Ballroom 3,Kerry Hotel Pudong, Shanghai

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While the electronics sector is already well experienced with automation and data analysis to improve yields and reduce costs, the current increase in the complexity of manufacturing processes, the improvements in sophisticated data management tools, and the increasingly inter-related value chain are now creating new opportunities for significantly improving performance, but also new challenges in putting all the parts together.

The semiconductor industry is a proactive front-runner when it comes to implementation of all aspects of smart manufacturing in a fast-changing, highly competitive and innovative industry environment where innovation, collaboration and cross-industry development is key. We will look at the future vision for smart manufacturing across our industry, the key challenges to get there, the practicalities and solution of digital enterprise platform,big data analytics and Artificial Intelligence, for the benefit of all.