Advanced Packaging Forum

Date: Thursday, March 18, 2021
Time: 13:00-16:25
Venue: Pudong Ballroom 1+2+3, Kerry Hotel Pudong, Shanghai

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In the past 50 years, Moore's "law" set the stage for long-term semiconductor strategy, cost efficiency, and research & development objectives. As the industry approaches 7 nm sizes and smaller, the pace slows, and perhaps approaches a limit to the linear shrink. Solutions are emerging in the 3rd dimension, from "system on a chip" to "system in a package".

The final edition of ITRS was published in 2016 and then Heterogeneous Integration Roadmap was formally launched by IEEE CPMT. This transition opens on new opportunities for investment and innovation in heterogeneous integration and system level solutions.

In this year's "Advanced Packaging Forum", we will address the emerging technology of advanced packaging, heterogeneous integration, its ecosystem, and the opportunities evolving with it.


Topics(not limited to):
1. HIR(Heterogeneous Integration Roadmap)
2. 3D packaging, SIP (system in a package)
3. Advanced materials and equipment
4. Advanced materials and equipment
5. Industry trends and innovations

Agenda / 议程
13:00-13:30 Registration 来宾登记
Moderator / 主持人:
Dr. Huili Fu
VP of T-Head, Alibaba
Material and Solution Evolution in Advanced Packaging

Rick Shen 沈杰
Chief Scientific Officer of Semiconductor Packaging, Adhesive Technologies – Electronics, Henkel
半导体封装首席科学家, 汉高粘合剂技术电子事业部
System Integration by Fan-Out Technology
Dr. Steve X. Liang 梁新夫
JCET Semiconductor (Shaoxing) Co., Ltd., China
Heterogeneous Integration Driving New Packaging Technologies
Dr. Nirmalya Maity
Corporate Vice President, GM, Advanced Packaging Business, Applied Materials
Dr. KK Kuo 郭桂冠 博士
Vice President, R&D Center ASE Group (ASE Jiangsu)
Enable Design Scaling with Heterogeneous Multi-Die Integration

Lincoln Lee 李立基
PacRim Technical Director, Siemens EDA
亚太区技术总监, 西门子EDA
Memory Market & Assembly Tech. Trend Analysis
Memory市场 & 封装技术趋势分析

Memory研发总监, 华天科技(南京)有限公司
Test Evolution for Heterogeneous multi-chip Integration

高级技术专家, 爱德万测试(中国)管理有限公司
* The agenda and guests are subjected to adjust without notice.