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Monday, March 18, 2019 Shanghai International Convention Center

Joint Session: Symposium II and Symposium III-Lithography/Etch
Meeting Room:5th Floor Yangtze River Hall
Session Chairs: Kafai Lai & Ying Zhang

13:30-13:35 Opening Remarks
  Kafai Lai / Ying Zhang
**13:35-14:05 Advanced Etch Challenges and Perspective Solutions
  Rich Wise, Lam Research, US
**14:05-14:35 Precise Etching Profile Control by Atomic-Scale Process
  Yoshihide Kihara, TEL, Japan
**14:35-15:05 Boosting Computational Lithography Performance with High Speed Metrology and Machine Learning Technology
  Gary Zhang, ASML-Brion
15:05-15:20 Coffee Break

Meeting Room: 3C+3D

Session II: Advanced Patterning
Session Chair: Ying Zhang 
*15:20-15:50 EUV SADP SAB integration scheme for sub 30-nm pitch Mx patterning
  Kiyotaka Imai, TEL, Japan
*15:50-16:20 Defect Control & Yield Improvement Using Advanced Filtration for Etch and Clean
  David Huang, Pall (China) Co.,Ltd.
*16:20-16:50 Modeling and simulation approaches to atomistic control in etch and deposition processes: the role of surface modification and the catalytic nature of hydrogen
  Peter Ventzek, TEL, US

Tuesday, March 19, 2019 Shanghai International Convention Center
Meeting Room: 3C+3D

Session III: FEOL/MOL Etching
Session Chair: Tom Ni

8:45-9:00 Feature benefit of synchronous RF pulsing on ICP etch
  Jie Zhang, Xiaobei Pang, Kui Zhao, Zhenhua Geng, Zhiqiang Liu, Shenjian Liu, Tom Ni, AMEC
*9:00-9:30 Advanced Si Etch System for 14nm and beyond
  Tomoki Suemasa, Beijing NAURA Microelectronics Equipment Co., Ltd
9:30-9:45 A Study of Deep Silicon Etching for Power Device Fabrication
  Wan Yu, Chun Wang, Yunge Zhang, Chunlong Qiu, Youshan Zheng, Dongsan Li, Naura
9:45-10:00 Advanced Non-plasma Based Dry Etching for Both Logic and Memory
  Jun Lin, TEL, Japan
10:00-10:15 Coffee Break

Session IV: Plasma Source and Wet Etch/Clean
Session Chair: Tom Ni

*10:15-10:45 Development of A High Performance and Productivity ICP Etcher
  Songlin Xu, AMEC
*10:45-11:15 Single Wafer Clean Challenges and Status
  David Wang, ACM
11:15-11:30 Cryogenic Nano-Aerosol Particle Removal and Damage-Free Cleaning for IC Manufacturing
  Jeffrey Michael Lauerhaas, Gregory P. Thomes, Brent D. Schwab, Christina Ann Rathman, Jeffery W. Butterbaugh, Chimaobi Mbanaso, TEL FSI
  Antonio L. P. Rotondaro, Derek W. Bassett, Tokyo Electron America, Inc.
11:30-11:45 A full solution for challenges in high aspect ratio etch of ICP etchers
  Kui Zhao, Hiroshi Iizuka, Tom Ni, AMEC
11:45-12:00 Inductive Coupled Downstream Plasma CD Trim Process Stability Study
  Yali Fu, Peking University, Mattson Technology
  Shawming Ma, Linda Sui, Lu Chen, Vijay Vaniapura, Li Diao, Mingjie Jiao, Hongwei Chen, Mattson Technology
  Yi Wang, Peking University
12:00-13:30 Lunch Break

Session V: BEOL Etching and Memory Etch
Session Chair: Jianping Zhao

*13:30-14:00 A Patterning Solution for Perpendicular STT-MRAM by Utilizing Combined Etching
  Dongchen Che, Leuven Instruments
*14:00-14:30 Advanced Device Challenges and the Solution from Etch
  Joydeep Guha, AMAT
*14:30-15:00 Challenges & Opportunities of Chamber Materials For Chamber Productivity Enhancement
  Jennifer Sun, AMAT
15:00-15:15 Selective plasma etching of silicon nitride over silicon dioxide by tuning helium
  Ke Liu, Li Qi, Zhongwei Jiang, Xiaoyang Cheng, Yahui Huang, Naura
15:15-15:30 Coffee Break

Session VI: ALE and Patterning
Session Chair: Yahui Huang

*15:30-16:00 Atomic level surface treatment by down-stream plasma generated radicals
  Hua Chung, Mattson Technology
*16:00-16:30 Towards the New Understanding of VHF Plasma Uniformity: Measurements of RF Magnetic Fields and Plasma Conduction Current in VHF Plasma Sources
  Jianping Zhao, TEL
16:30-16:45 Enabling 3D and High-Aspect Ratio Etch Technologies Through on-Chamber Process Vacuum
  Adam Stover, Dawn Stephenson, Declan Scanlan, Mick Hegarty, Edwards Technology, US
16:45-17:00 Reactive-ion etching of Cr-DOPED Sb2Te3 THIN FILM in SF6/O2 plasma for non-volatile phase-change memories
  Luguang Wang, Fang Wang, Yuxiang Li, Jinrong Huang, Wei Li, Kailiang Zhang, Tianjin University of Technology, China
17:00-17:15 Estimating the Etching Depth Limit in Deep Silicon Etching
  Yuanwei Lin, Naura
Poster Session: Location: 5th Floor
Coffee Break Photoresist Trimming in Inductively Coupled HBr/O2 plasma
  Zhenhua Geng, AMEC
  Novel Electrode Material Development for 10nm node and Beyond Application Plasma Etch
  Yanliang Wang, Derrick Hsiao, Steven Zhang, Mark Huang, Zhaoxiang Wang, Jeremy Chang, Xingcai Su, Steve Mak, Tom Ni, AMEC
  NH3 Chemistry in Organic BARC Etch for 10nm and beyond applications
  Manson Huang, Veronica Wang, Zhaoxiang Wang, Michael Tsai, Xingcai Su, Steve Mak, Tom Ni, AMEC
  Silicon nitride and silicon etching performance of CxHyFz plasma diluted with argon or krypton
  Weina Xu, Abin Qin, Bing Zhao, Chao Sun, Xingcai Su, AMEC
  Study of plug etching back with CO/O2 plasma for dense-ISO via recess loading tunning
  Xiaobing Liu, Manson Huang, Michael Tsai, Zhaoxiang Wang, Xingcai Su, AMEC
  A novel method to achieve excellent oxide coating for chamber components using Atomic Layer Deposition technique
  Fangcheng Cao, Shenghua Zhu, Jiao Duan, Sheng Guo, Xingjian Chen, AMEC
  Improvement of Line Width Roughness and Line Edge Roughness for Ultrascaled FinFET Technologies
  Use of customized waveform RF bias source in double-frequency etch tool
  Ivan Bizyukov, R. Ye, J. Liang, S. Yavelberg, T.Ni, AMEC
  Study on Wafer De-chuck for High Aspect Ratio Etch Process
  Guorong Li, Peking University, AMEC
  Zhiqiang Liu, Michael Tsai, Zhaoxiang Wang, Ping Liu, AMEC
  Xing Zhang, Peking University
  Tunable SiGe and Si Selective Etch in 5nm and Below Applications
  Chien-Pin Sherman Hsu, Avantor
  Influence of the secondary phase in 6061 alloy on the corrosion resistance of anodic coatings
  Sheng Guo, Xingjian Chen, AMEC
  Optimize of High-k Capping Layer Loss Thickness in DPRM Process to Avoid Vth Shift
  Meng Shi,Cheng Liu, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences
  Haiyang Mao, Institute of Microelectronics of Chinese Academy of Sciences
  Haitao Yan, Baodong Han, Guangmei Xia, SMIC
  Line edge roughness improvement by plasma treatment in nanoscale etching for double patterning process
  Kun Zhang, AMEC
  High Aspect Ratio Poly Hard Mask Open for DRAM 2x Manufacture
  Shiqi Deng, AMEC
  Uniform and Circular Channel Hole in High Aspect Ratio Carbon Mask for 3D NAND Flash
  Yang Li, AMEC
  High selectivity chemistry dry etch - CSTIC 2019-Song Huang
  Song Huang, Ying Huang, Applied Materials
  Switchable VHF bias RF advantage on inductive coupled plasma etch
  Jie Zhang, Sisheng Cao, Kui Zhao, Xiaobei Pang, Zhiqiang Liu, Shenjian Liu, Tom Ni, AMEC
  The Application of_High Density Plasma Etch Equipment in RF and Power Devices Manufacture
  Yiming Zhang, Chun Wang, Yunrui He, Renzhi Yuan, Qiushi Xie, Lijian Liu, Dongsan Li, NAURA Technology Group Co., Ltd.
  The Study of Various Profile for Dielectric Etch Process
  Zhang Yu, Lian Qingqing, Shen Tao, Jiang Zhongwei, Huang Yahui, NAURA Technology Group Co., Ltd.
  Trench and Back-side Via Etching of SiC for Device Fabrication
  Yunrui He, Chun Wang, Yiming Zhang, Haimao Zhang, Qiushi Xie, Lijian Liu, Dongsan Li, NAURA Technology Group Co., Ltd.
  A Study of Polymer related Peanut-Shape Via formation in Dry etch process
  Xinruo Su, Le Yang, Yuan Li, Changhuo Liu, Jun Wang, SMNC