Julie Orlando
Chief Product Officer, Nanotronics


Ms. Orlando began working for Nanotronics' co-founders Matthew and John Putman at their previous company, Tech Pro, Inc. where she played a key role in the hardware development, sales, and customer service. Tech Pro was acquired by Roper Industries in 2008. Ms. Orlando went on to run a division of Duramax, leading projects for major industrial entities, defense contractors, and branches of the military. Ms. Orlando joined Nanotronics as employee number three, where she is currently Chief Product Officer. Ms. Orlando has published several papers in both domestic and international journals, which she has presented at material science conferences and symposia.


A factory is inherently made of moving parts in the form of process nodes. Led by complex statistical means and process-engineering expertise, a new set of models based on reinforcement learning and other deep-learning networks has the ability to transform factory optimization. Reinforcing agents in a factory environment allow for generative improvements in control and design, while maintaining predefined product-performance specifications. Examples of how this is being explored in Nanotronics' labs and with partners will be presented, along with ideas of where the future for artificially intelligent factories is headed.