MK KOH 许明光
CTO, FA Software (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.


A 20+ year veteran in the IT industry, MK has worked across multiple high tech industries and has brought deep client engagement, industry consulting and project implementation expertise. In this role, MK has helped to identify focus clients and targeted solutions for the Electronic industry, particularly in Smart Manufacturing and CIM/MES area. MK has great exposure cross different Intelligent Factory, CIM/MES solutions in the market place, appreciate the challenges face by the clients in the high tech and consumer electronic industry. He has worked with the cross team to develop the Smart Manufacturing, CIM/MES platforms, Business-to-Business collaboration platform etc. to assist our client in solving the business issues; develop the strategy roadmap for business growth.

MK joined IBM in 2001 and has experience in project management, operation management, and complex system integration across industries. He has successfully led multi-million dollars CIM/MES system integration projects across the region. Prior to this role, MK was the AP/ASEAN Global Business Services Industry Leader, driving close Consulting Services and High tech industry solution collaboration in the new marketspace esp. Semicondcutor industry.

Over the last few years, MK actively involved in driving new technology and initiatives in the region, including Enterprise Asset Management, Smarter Cities and Smart Manufacturing. MK has had hands-on experience on numerous projects in the industry, with clients like SEH, GLOBALFOUNDRIES, Soitec, ASE, XFAB, IBM Microelectronics and many other non-electronic sectors i.e. DHL Supply Chain, Citibank, National Healthcare Group etc.

As part of FA Software organization, MK focus on FA product Research & Development, drive the local China CIM solutions development toward greater intelligent, automation and competitiveness based on Microservices architecture and hyperconverged infrastructure, with deep learning capabilities. To achieve such standard specification, FA is collaborating with global companies like Alibaba ET Brain, IBM, camLine Germany, Siemens etc.

MK has a Masters (Distinction) in Business Administration – majoring in IT management from the Maastricht School of Management. He has Bachelor degree in Computer Science and Statistic from Campbell University, United State. MK is IBM Certified Senior Project Manager and Consultant.