Doug Suerish
Product Evangelist, PeerGroup


Doug Suerich is Product Evangelist at The PEER Group Inc., the largest supplier of factory automation software for semiconductor OEMs and factories. Doug focuses on big data and remote connectivity solutions that help manufacturers collaborate securely on tools and data in production environments. A passionate advocate for Smart Manufacturing, Doug serves as an active member of the SEMI® Smart Manufacturing Advisory Council and Smart Manufacturing SIG, Americas Chapter.

Doug has over 20 years of experience leading software teams for a variety of industries including semiconductor, manufacturing, and transportation. Most recently, he was involved in architecting PEER Group’s remote connectivity solution, Remicus™, and he was a champion in promoting the use of cloud computing and latest-generation web technologies.

Prior to joining PEER Group, Doug was a software development manager, automation engineer, information systems specialist, and consultant. He has extensive experience designing and integrating robust automation software solutions. Doug holds a Bachelor of Applied Science with Honours in System Design Engineering from the University of Waterloo.


Managing Big Data for Smart Manufacturing

All semiconductor OEMs understand the importance of data: it drives manufacturing improvements (e.g., tells you where and when to add more sensors, how to perform faster sampling, and how to integrate different sources). Collecting large data volumes (e.g., EDA data) enables deep insight into critical manufacturing process and production metrics, and opens the possibility of using advanced analytics and machine learning to speed defect analysis and reduce repair times. Big data management provides big opportunities for OEMs. Join us to learn how standards-based data management solutions will enable high-speed data collection and storage, and how you can leverage best practices to take advantage of Smart Manufacturing opportunities quickly and inexpensively.