Jensen Tsai
Director, SPIL


Jensen Tsai is currently deputy director of the Customer Engineering Integration for new assembly package & new technology at SPIL. He had been the manager of USA customer service team in SPIL. Prior to that, he held various technical develop for wire bond & flip chip packages in SPIL. He has been exploring the development & engagement strategy for various new assembly technologies. Jensen Tsai has published many papers and patents, majorly for flip chip technologies.

Jensen Tsai is the presenter of below symposium, including:
2013 Interconnection challenge at Ag alloy wire bonding, SEMI Taiwan
2015 Challenges of flip chip on embedded trace substrate, ECTC
2015 Alternative solution for high band-width PoP, SEMI EU
2016 Challenges of 5 sides molded wafer level CSP, ECTC
2016 Embedded technology, SEMI Taiwan

Master of mechanical engineering, NCHU, Univ. of Chung-Hsing, Taiwan

Job Experience:
20 years in SPIL, focus on
Advanced processes development for wire bond and flip chip products, 5 years
Customer Service, 8 years
Advanced technologies/products, Roadmap alignment, Promotion, Project engagement, 7 years~ now