English Name: Tim Chen
Chinese Name: Chen Tian an
Current appointments: General manager of Yantai Darbond Technology Co.,Ltd

Education & qualification:
1. 1989 – 1994 Ph. D. Organic/Polymer Chemistry, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, US
2. 1982 – 1985 Master, Polymer Materials, Institute of Polymer Science, Fujian Normal University
3. 1978 – 1982 Bachelor, Chemistry, Fujian Normal University

Dr. Chen has made a great achievement in the field of high polymer material such as nonlinear polymer optoelectronic materials, super low dielectric materials for IC chip, various integrated circuit packaging electronic materials and other. He has published more than 50 papers at home and abroad. He was authorized more than 40 USA patents. Dr. Chen also worked in the global top 500 enterprises such as Anglo American petrochemical, Intel, Henkel, Honeywell and other famous multi-national corporations. Since 2010, Dr. Chen has served as general manager of Darbond company, and guide the company management innovation and product innovation. As the chief scientist, Dr. Chen participated in several national major projects. He was appointed Yantai “double hundred plans” first high-level innovative talents, Shandong province “Taishan scholar abroad expert”, national “thousand person plan”. He was awarded “China Top Ten Venture Overseas Students Pioneer Park leader”, “Shandong Province overseas professionals Achievement Award for innovation and entrepreneurship”, Shandong provincial government “Qilu Friendship Award” and other awards.