Dr. Chris Progler


Dr. Chris Progler has spent more than 30 years pushing boundaries in advanced lithography first with top chip makers such as IBM, Texas Instruments and ST Microelectronics and now as Chief Technology Officer and Vice President of Strategic Planning with global IC and display photomask producer Photronics. His current work includes global R&D, product development and strategic ventures. Dr. Progler is on the Board of Directors for two leading Asia photomask joint venture companies - PDMC in Taiwan and PDMCX in China. He is Board Member of US EUV photoresist company Inpria and a Fellow of SPIE. He previously served as a Management Board Member of IMS Nanofabrication, MP Mask LLC and was a Scientific Advisory Board Member for Cymer Laser. He teaches university level courses in lithography, chaired multiple conferences and has published over 100 invited and contributed papers in the field of lithography and mask technology with emphasis on advanced processes, characterization and design.