Zhen Xin Yao
Senior Business Manager, Automotive, Mentor, A Siemens Business


Joined Mentor and be responsible for China automotive business since 2007, with over 20 years' experience in automotive industry.


With the emergence of new technologies and new requirements such as ADAS, V2x, Electrical Drive, Innovative Architecture, Car will become more intelligent, more personalized, and more complex. In order to better respond to the above challenges in automotive industry, Model based Digital Design, Digital Production and Digital Usage will lead the transformation as an inevitable solution. In particular, a more professional design platform is needed to cover the Electronics and Electrical domain which the most innovation happens. This platform should :
a) support Interacting between software, hardware, network and electrical ;
b) support realization of the increasingly complex electronic and electrical functions;
c) support mass customization.
Mentor, A Siemens Business” provides multiple domains and whole process design support for complex system development.