Dr. Chinghan Huang
Director, MEMS & Photonics Engineering, ASE Group


Dr. Chinghan Huang is currently the Director of MEMS & Photonics Engineering of ASE Group. With over 10 years of experience in sensor design & packaging, stress simulation & reliability issues, and failure root cause analysis, he is now focusing on MEMS and optical sensor packaging. Dr. Huang’s expertise is in the areas of energy harvest, MEMS sensor design and process, solid state electronic material and nano-material and technology. He has over 45 technical publications of SCI journal papers and international conference papers, and also is the inventor of 13 patents in the US, China and Taiwan. Dr. Huang received his Ph.D. degrees in Mechanical Engineering from the National Central University, Taiwan. He also has been a post-doctoral researcher at the optical center, National Central University.


IoT becomes a popular topic in recently. Combing the AI, cloud system and big data, smart home, smart life & smart city are not so far in near future. More and more intelligent systems now are implemented to our life such as Autonomous Driving, Health Care System, Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) and so on. ASE is keeping in advanced package, smart sensor package, heterogeneous integration package and System-in-package (SiP) to achieve high performance, low power consumption, smaller package, and high reliability quality in various critical environments more than 10 years. For this topic, we would like to share our experience in Fan-Out/Fan-In solution/2.5D in WL packages, Cu wire solution in automotive application and smart sensor/smart system for different applications. All our customers could find a suitable package solution for their product in one stop shop.